Mandatory INSS proof of life in January? Understand the Institute’s requirements

Rules regarding mandatory INSS proof of life have undergone major changes in recent years! See what the situation is like in 2024.

With the arrival of a new year, new obligations and procedures arise that we must follow, and one of them is proof of life from the National Social Security Institute (INSS). There is a lot of talk about this requirement, but do you really know what it entails and who needs to fulfill it?

In the article below, we will show you everything you need to know about the INSS proof of life, an essential measure to ensure continued receipt of social security benefits. Read very carefully!

Is INSS proof of life mandatory again? Credit: plasticaxe.

What is proof of life? What is it for?

INSS proof of life is a mandatory annual procedure for all beneficiaries of the institute.

Its main objective is to confirm that the beneficiary is alive and, therefore, still has the right to receive the benefit.

This measure prevents fraud and improper payments, ensuring that INSS resources are correctly allocated to their legitimate recipients.

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How does the INSS proof of life work?

The INSS proof of life process is relatively simple. Generally, it is done in person at a bank branch where the beneficiary receives their payment.

The procedure may vary slightly depending on the bank, but in most cases, the beneficiary simply needs to show up with a photo ID.

Who is the process mandatory for in 2024?

Whether proof of life is mandatory depends on the date of the last procedure carried out by the beneficiary.

In the case of those who have not yet completed the proof of life in the previous year, it is crucial to do so as soon as possible to avoid blocking benefits.

Now, for those who have already taken the life test in previous years, it is important to pay attention to the renewal dates.

News about the INSS Life Test in 2024

Recently, the INSS announced some changes to the proof of life procedure. The objective is to simplify the process and make it more accessible, especially for the elderly and people with mobility difficulties.

Among the new features is the possibility of carrying out proof of life using facial biometrics on cell phone applications, an alternative that promises to bring more convenience to beneficiaries.

How to carry out the process this year?

Carrying out the INSS life test, in 2024, involves three simple steps. Below, we show the complete tutorial of the process; look:

Check the date: The first step in completing the process is to check the last date on which the proof of life was carried out, and when the next renewal date is. Documentation: Bring an official document with a photo (in addition to other requested documents) to the bank branch or Caixa unit where you will carry out the recognition.Appearing at the Bank: Go to the bank where you receive the benefit to carry out the proof of life.

Attention! For beneficiaries who have difficulty getting around, there are alternatives such as carrying out proof of life at home, with a visit from a bank representative, or using powers of attorney.

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Failure to comply with the INSS proof of life may result in social security and assistance benefits being blocked.

Therefore, it is vital that beneficiaries carry out the procedure within the established deadline to ensure continued receipt of their rights.

The INSS proof of life, as you already know, is a fundamental tool for maintaining the integrity and correct distribution of social security resources.

Stay informed about the dates and procedures for carrying out your proof of life and ensure peace of mind when receiving your benefits! Check out more details in the video below:

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