Lula confirms EXTRA benefit on Bolsa Família in 2024; activate in just steps

Recently, President Lula spoke about new benefits that are part of Bolsa Família. Check out the values ​​and who is entitled!

We have important news about Bolsa Família, a program that has been vital support for thousands of Brazilians.

Recently, the government announced an extra benefit that can be obtained in just two simple steps. See how to receive!

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How can I access the Bolsa Família extra?

Initially, Bolsa Família continues to help countless Brazilian families and now comes with an additional benefit: basic food baskets to alleviate the impacts of the economic crisis.

To request a basic food basket, participants must go to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) or city hall, in places without CRAS.

In short, the baskets include food and personal hygiene items, promoting healthy eating and dignity.

In some regions, cards are offered with values ​​between R$150 and R$300, depending on the location.

Impacts of the additional benefit

This extra benefit comes at a crucial time, considering the current economic situation.

It represents significant support for many families in vulnerable conditions, offering relief from monthly expenses and guaranteeing access to basic items.

It is important to highlight that the availability of basic food baskets depends on the local policies of each municipality.

Therefore, it is essential that families contact CRAS or their municipality’s social assistance department for more information.

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How do I know if I am entitled to the extra?

Now, to check the availability of your Bolsa Família benefit, you can access the program application, call the call center at 111, or the Caixa ao Cidadão service at 0800 726 02 07.

First, enter 21, then 2, 3, and again, then enter your Social Identification Number (NIS).

This consultation is an important step to ensure you are taking advantage of all the benefits you are entitled to.

What are the Bolsa Família rules?

In general, Bolsa Família has specific rules to ensure that aid reaches the families most in need.

Therefore, to be eligible, the family must be in poverty or extreme poverty.

Income per person must be up to R$89 per month for extreme poverty and between R$89.01 and R$178 for poverty, considering families with children or adolescents up to 17 years old.

Furthermore, it is necessary to keep children in school and comply with the vaccination and health monitoring schedule, ensuring the well-being and development of minors.

How to register for Bolsa Família?

Furthermore, to enroll in Bolsa Família, the family must initially be registered with CadÚnico, the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government. To do this, you must contact a CRAS or the local city hall.

It is important to bring documents from all family members, such as ID, CPF, voter ID and proof of residence.

After registration, the information will be analyzed, and if the family meets the program criteria, it will be included in Bolsa Família, receiving a card to withdraw benefits.

January calendar is almost over

Finally, Bolsa Família payments for January are already happening. Check the dates:

Day 18: payment for NIS 1; Day 19: payment for NIS 2; Day 22: payment for NIS 3; Day 23: payment for NIS 4; Day 24: payment for NIS 5; Day 25: payment for NIS 6; Day 26 : payment for NIS 7;Day 29: payment for NIS 8;Day 30: payment for NIS 9;Day 31: payment for NIS 0.

It is worth remembering that this month there is no transfer of the gas voucher.

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