List REVEALS upcoming bank holidays in 2024; check all dates

Knowing the date on which bank holidays will occur is a good way to plan so as not to leave your obligations until the last minute. Check out!

The year 2024 promises to be a period of planning and attention, especially for those who depend on banking services. The Brazilian Federation of Banks (Febraban) has already announced a calendar with 12 bank holidays for this year and it is essential to be aware of these dates to avoid setbacks.

We know that on bank holidays, banks operate on a limited basis and are not considered business days. For that reason, we’re going to break down these important dates and provide tips on how to manage your finances during these times. Let’s go?

Bank holidays can fall on weekdays, which is disruptive to customers. Check out when they drop in 2024! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Check out all the 2024 bank holidays

Bank holidays, in short, are days when banks close their doors to the public, affecting the normal functioning of branches. In 2024, four of these holidays will fall on weekends, but we will still have eight weekday dates to monitor.

Furthermore, on February 14th, after Carnival, agencies will open from 12pm. In other words, if you have bills to pay, it's a good idea to keep an eye on the due dates!

What are the bank holidays?

Check out the dates of the 2024 bank holidays, which include traditional holidays and commemorative dates:

February 12th: Carnival Monday February 13th: Carnival Tuesday March 29th: Good Friday April 21st: Tiradentes Day (Sunday) May 1st: Labor Day (Wednesday) May 30th: Corpus Christi (Thursday) September 7th: Independence of Brazil (Saturday) October 12th: Our Lady of Aparecida (Saturday) November 2nd: All Souls’ Day (Saturday) November 15th: Proclamation of the Republic (Friday) 20 November: Black Awareness Day (Wednesday) December 25th: Christmas (Wednesday)

This year, few holidays will fall on weekdays, which means there won’t be many problems if you need to access banking services. This is because there is no need to stop the service.

Tips to avoid late bill payments

To avoid mishaps during bank holidays, follow these tips:

Plan payments: First, schedule payments and transfers in advance. An important tip is to check when the bill expires so you don’t have any scares on the day; Use appointments: then use the appointment feature at your bank for future dates. It is possible to do this both with automatic debits and credit discounts and with pix; Monitor your account: finally, keep an eye on your balance and statements to avoid surprises.

All of these measures will ensure that you don’t get into trouble with your debts. In this sense, it is essential to pay attention to the annual calendars, so that there are no problems with default in the future.

After all, what is the difference between holidays and optional points?

In summary, holidays and optional holidays are two categories of dates that interrupt the normal work routine and activities, but they have significant differences.

Holidays are dates established by law, whether at federal, state or municipal level, on which rest is mandatory. They celebrate important events, such as a country’s independence, religious dates, among others.

The optional points, despite also being special dates, do not have the mandatory nature of rest. On these days, it is up to companies and government institutions to decide whether there will be normal operations or not.

While holidays are respected by everyone, optional points may vary, especially in the private sector, where the employer has the freedom to choose whether or not to adhere to the break in activities.

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