List REVEALS the places with the most expensive gasoline in the country

Which states have the most expensive gasoline in the country? And with cheaper fuel? Check out the full list and see some tips for saving.

In recent times, one topic has been constant in Brazilian conversations: the price of gasoline. With variations that directly impact your pocket, understanding what defines the price of this fuel has become almost a necessity.

Recently, a list released brought to light the places with the most expensive gasoline in the country, and at the same time, it also showed the states with the cheapest fuel.

But do you know how the price of gasoline is set? And which states top this unenviable ranking? Check out the answers to these and other questions below!

List REVEALS the places with the most expensive gasoline in the country! Credit: plasticaxe.

How is the price of gasoline calculated?

The price of gasoline is influenced by a series of factors that go beyond the refinery. Exchange rates, taxes, distribution costs and resellers’ profit margins are some of the elements that make up the final value for the consumer.

Furthermore, Petrobras’ pricing policy, which seeks alignment with the international market, also plays a crucial role. This set of factors results in price variations that can be felt in different regions of the country.

THESE states have the most expensive gasoline in the country

The list of states with the most expensive gasoline offers an interesting insight into the geographic distribution of these values. At the top of the list, we find states such as:

Acre: R$ 6.76; Rondônia: R$ 6.41; Amazonas: R$ 6.19; Ceará: R$ 5.90; Roraima: R$ 5.89; Rio Grande do Norte: R$ 5.86 ;Bahia: R$5.82;Paraná: R$5.76;Santa Catarina: R$5.73;Tocantins: R$5.71.

What states have the cheapest gas?

On the other hand, some states manage to maintain a more affordable price, thanks to a combination of fiscal and logistical factors. Among the states with the cheapest gasoline, the following stand out:

Piauí: R$ 5.23; Maranhão: R$ 5.26; Federal District: R$ 5.26; Sergipe: R$ 5.28; Mato Grosso do Sul: R$ 5.33; Minas Gerais: R$ 5 .43;Amapá: R$5.44;Paraíba: R$5.45;São Paulo: R$5.47;Alagoas: R$5.49.

The impact of prices on everyday life

The price of gasoline affects not only the consumer’s pocket, but also the economy as a whole. Transport companies, logistics companies, and even local businesses feel the impact of these variations.

For many Brazilians, the price of gasoline is a determining factor in the monthly budget, influencing decisions about transportation and consumption.

From this same point of view, we cannot ignore the role of the international oil market in gasoline prices. Oscillations in global markets, the policies of oil exporting countries and even geopolitical events can cause significant fluctuations in prices, which end up being reflected at gas pumps in Brazil.

Faced with this scenario, many Brazilians are looking for strategies to deal with the high cost of gasoline. This includes everything from adopting alternative means of transport, such as bicycles and public transport, to choosing more fuel-efficient vehicles.

The challenge for the future is to find a balance that allows fair prices for consumers without compromising the financial health of companies in the sector. Furthermore, the search for alternative and more sustainable energy sources is an increasingly urgent need.

Most expensive gasoline in the country has a big impact

The price of gasoline is a complex and multifaceted issue, which directly affects the lives of millions of Brazilians. Understanding the factors that influence these costs is the first step towards a productive discussion about how we can address these challenges.

Meanwhile, the list of states with the most expensive and cheapest gasoline in the country serves as an important indicator for consumers and policymakers.

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