List REVEALS all workers who are able to withdraw FGTS next week

The FGTS is a benefit that only releases amounts in specific situations. See how you can access payment this month!

Did you know that a new wave of workers is about to have access to the FGTS anniversary withdrawal this Thursday? That’s right! Several people will finally be able to have extra money.

Therefore, if you have a balance in the Guarantee Fund, this news may be especially relevant for you, as it will help you withdraw the amounts. Find out how to access this information!

In need of extra money? See how to access your FGTS withdrawal next week! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

FGTS modality released

First of all, it is essential to understand what birthday withdrawal is. This modality allows the worker to withdraw part of the balance available in their FGTS account once a year, in the month of their birthday.

It’s an excellent opportunity to have extra money for that special month or even to set up an emergency fund.

What is the value of the birthday withdrawal?

Furthermore, the amount available for withdrawal in the birthday withdrawal is calculated based on the worker’s total FGTS balance.

A percentage of this balance, plus an additional fixed installment, can be withdrawn annually in the worker’s birthday month.

For example, if a worker has R$1,500 in their FGTS, they can withdraw 30% of this amount (R$450) plus an additional portion of R$150, totaling R$600 available for withdrawal.

How to choose the FGTS modality?

Now, to opt for the birthday withdrawal, the worker must access the FGTS application, the Caixa website or Caixa’s internet banking and choose the birthday withdrawal method.

The request can also be made in person at Caixa Econômica Federal branches.

It is important that the choice is made by the last day of the worker’s month of birth so that the withdrawal is available in the same year.

What if you want to cancel?

To cancel the option for the birthday withdrawal and return to the withdrawal-termination modality, the worker needs to wait approximately 25 months after the cancellation request.

During this period, the worker can still use their FGTS account in situations provided for by law, but will not be able to withdraw the full amount in case of unfair dismissal until the change to the withdrawal-termination modality is made.

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Who can claim the benefit?

The list of workers who can make the birthday withdrawal is updated periodically and the good news is that more people are being included.

Therefore, if you have chosen this withdrawal method, pay attention to the calendar published by Caixa Econômica Federal, as your withdrawal date is approaching.

How do I know I can access the FGTS?

Now, to find out if you are on the list of lucky people who can make the birthday withdrawal this Thursday, the first step is to access the FGTS application (Android: or iOS: or the Caixa website ( /OVYCY3).

There, you will find all the information about your account, available balance and, of course, whether you are eligible for the birthday withdrawal.

Can those who opted for the birthday withdrawal still receive unemployment insurance?

Yes, those who opted for the birthday withdrawal are still entitled to unemployment insurance in the event of unfair dismissal.

Choosing the birthday withdrawal only changes the way of accessing FGTS resources, and does not affect other labor rights such as unemployment insurance.

Therefore, even after opting for this withdrawal method, the worker remains eligible to receive unemployment insurance if they meet the necessary criteria for this assistance.

Don’t waste time to withdraw your FGTS!

So, are you ready to check if your name is on the list and plan what to do with that extra money?

Remember, the FGTS is your right, and using the birthday withdrawal can be an excellent strategy to optimize your finances. Don’t miss this chance!

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