List REVEALS the 20 courses with the highest number of vacancies in Sisu 2024

Which courses have the highest number of vacancies in the 2024 version of Sisu? List may be more surprising than you imagine; check out!

The beginning of a new year is always synonymous with new opportunities, especially in the field of education. With Sisu 2024 opening its doors, students from all over Brazil are preparing to take a big step in their academic careers.

This year, the Unified Selection System (Sisu) comes with an exciting new feature: a revealing list of the 20 courses with the highest number of vacancies. If you are looking for a place in higher education, this article is for you!

Check out the list of courses with the highest number of vacancies in Sisu 2024! Credit: plasticaxe.

How does Sisu work?

Firstly, before checking the list of the 20 courses with the highest number of places on Sisu, it is important to understand how the Government program works.

Sisu is a platform managed by the Ministry of Education (MEC) that allows access to Brazilian public higher education institutions using the National Secondary Education Exam (ENEM) score.

The system, which offers places at federal and state universities and institutes, has proven to be an essential tool for democratizing access to higher education in the country.

In 2024, Sisu presents a single registration stage, covering vacancies for the first and second semester, with registrations open from January 22nd to 25th.

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The Sisu 2024 edition offers a total of 264,181 places in 6,827 courses, distributed across 127 participating institutions.

The leadership in the number of vacancies is the Pedagogy course, with 9,952 vacancies available, followed closely by Administration, with 9,385 vacancies. Mathematics and Biological Sciences also appear prominently, offering 8,585 and 8,523 places, respectively.

List of courses with the highest number of vacancies in Sisu 2024

To make everything more practical, we will show below the complete and updated list of the 20 courses that have the highest number of vacancies in Sisu 2024; check out:

Pedagogy – 9,952 vacanciesAdministration – 9,385 vacanciesMathematics – 8,585 vacanciesBiological Sciences – 8,523 vacanciesLaw – 7,871 vacanciesChemistry – 6,793 vacanciesPhysics – 6,648 vacanciesCivil Engineering – 6,057 vacanciesMedicine – 5,733 vacanciesAccounting Sciences – 5,512 vacanciesHistory – 5,446 vacanciesAgronomy – 5,396 vacanciesGeography – 5,387 vacanciesComputer Science – 4,599 vacanciesNursing – 4,565 vacanciesEconomic Sciences – 4,527 vacanciesInterdisciplinary in Science and Technology – 4,473 vacanciesElectrical Engineering – 4,208 vacanciesMechanical Engineering – 4,208 vacanciesPhysical Education – 4,088 vacancies

How to register for Sisu 2024?

To register for Sisu 2024, candidates must access the single portal for accessing higher education (using the ENEM registration number and password.

Registration is free and exclusively online, and must be completed within the established period. If you have any questions or need to recover your password, candidates can access the ENEM participant page.

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A window of opportunities opens

Sisu 2024 opens a window of opportunities for students across the country, offering a wide range of courses and places at renowned institutions.

With the list of 20 courses with the highest number of vacancies, students can better guide themselves in their choices, seeking paths that lead to a successful career.

In this scenario, Sisu consolidates itself as a fundamental mechanism for the democratization of access to higher education, opening doors to a promising future.

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