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Immediate withdrawal has just been released on Caixa apps and branches! Find out everything about the release, and check whether you should withdraw.

Caixa Econômica Federal has just released an essential statement for all savings account holders. This January 30th, the institution calls on holders to verify the need for immediate withdrawals, ensuring that their funds remain safe and accessible.

But, after all, why did Caixa issue this message? And, even more important: who is the bank’s advertisement worth for? If your goal is to check out more details about the release, just continue reading our article.

Should you make an immediate withdrawal from Caixa! Credit: plasticaxe.

Caixa’s banking services

Caixa, known for its wide range of banking services, goes beyond simple financial transactions. It offers everything from opening savings accounts to payment solutions, top-ups and transfers, covering a variety of Brazilians’ everyday needs.

Furthermore, the bank is responsible for paying for some of the Union’s most important social programs, such as Bolsa Família, gas aid, the Social Integration Program (PIS) and the Continuous Payment Benefit of the Organic Social Assistance Law ( BPC/LOAS).

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Recently, Caixa clarified that inactive savings accounts, those with no movement or balance for more than 180 days, are automatically closed.

This alert serves as a crucial reminder for account holders to maintain regular activity to avoid unwanted account closure.

Therefore, if your account is in this situation, it is worth making an immediate withdrawal as soon as possible! Otherwise, it becomes very difficult to withdraw the values.

How to keep the account active?

To avoid setbacks with your savings account, and not need to withdraw immediately, Caixa suggests some simple strategies:

Regular deposits: Even small deposits can keep your account active and avoid a zero balance. Frequent transactions: Making transfers, bill payments or withdrawals are ways to keep the account in constant activity. Using banking services: Engaging in different services offered by Caixa, such as payment of bills and cell phone top-ups, also contributes to account movement.

How to open a savings account at Caixa?

For interested new customers, opening a savings account at Caixa is a straightforward process that can be done at any bank branch:

Prepare the documentation: Have all the necessary documents on hand. Visit a branch: Go to the nearest Caixa branch. Fill in the forms: Complete all the required information. Present the documentation: Show your documents for verification. Receive your data Access: Get login information and start using your account.

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Caixa’s initiative to invite savings account holders to make immediate withdrawals reflects the importance of keeping accounts active and safe.

By adopting regular deposit and movement practices, customers can ensure the continuity of their accounts, enjoying the benefits and peace of mind that a savings account offers.

For those who do not yet have a Caixa account, the opening process is simple and accessible, opening the door to effective and worry-free financial management. Check out more details at

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