list of CPFs approved to receive leaked, check

Are you entitled to the new FGTS withdrawal? Payment of R$1,600 has already been confirmed for many Brazilians, see if you are among them.

The news of the moment for many Brazilian workers is the publication of a list of CPFs approved for withdrawing R$1,650 from the Service Time Guarantee Fund (FGTS). This news, which took many by surprise, comes at an opportune time for those who were waiting for an extra opportunity for financial liquidity.

In this article, we will reveal all the details of this withdrawal, including the conditions necessary to receive it and the implications of the possibility of one of the best-known types of labor benefits!

FGTS and the withdrawal of R$1,600: list of CPFs approved to receive leaked, check. Credit: Pronatec

FGTS Birthday Withdrawal: Conditions for receiving

The new withdrawal possibility for beneficiaries of the Length of Service Guarantee Fund, in fact, is the "anniversary redemption" of the benefit.

The FGTS anniversary withdrawal, now available to Brazilians with this modality active, is a financial boost for many. To access this amount, the worker must have opted for this withdrawal method.

Furthermore, the beneficiary must be born in January to make the withdrawal at this time. By fulfilling these requirements, workers can make a partial withdrawal of the amount available in their FGTS account.

Will FGTS withdrawals end?

Recently, the Minister of Labor, Luiz Marinho, expressed his position against the anniversary looting, considering it a trap for workers.

The modality can lead to unpleasant surprises, such as the impossibility of withdrawing the full amount in case of unfair dismissal and the need to wait 25 months to change the modality.

A vote scheduled for the first half of 2024 could bring significant changes, including the possibility of not extinguishing the modality, but with adjustments to withdrawal deadlines and conditions.

How to take advantage of the FGTS withdrawal while you still have time?

For workers eligible to withdraw R$1,650 from the FGTS, the redemption is quite simple: just follow the step by step below:

Check your eligibility: Access the official website of Caixa Econômica Federal ( or use the FGTS application to confirm if you have the birthday withdrawal modality selected. Date of birth: If you were born in January and have If the modality is active, access the website or application to request a partial withdrawal.Follow the Instructions: Complete the request process according to the instructions provided and wait for the amount to be released.

The importance of the anniversary withdrawal from the Guarantee Fund

The FGTS anniversary withdrawal has implications for both workers and the country’s economy. Although it offers a more flexible way of accessing part of the FGTS balance, uncertainties about the continuity of this modality may affect workers’ confidence.

Furthermore, changes in the withdrawal-termination modality may make it difficult to access money in situations of unfair dismissal.

Don’t forget to withdraw the benefit

The withdrawal of R$1,650 through the FGTS represents a valuable opportunity for many Brazilian workers. It is essential to take advantage of this benefit, especially given the uncertainties regarding the future of the birthday withdrawal.

Pay attention to official information and follow Caixa Econômica Federal guidelines to ensure that you can maximize the benefits of your FGTS according to your financial needs.

Stay informed and get ready to take advantage of this chance, and check out the video below to understand if the birthday loot is worth it!

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