List brings together all CLEARANCES and optional points for 2024; check out!

Workers are celebrating: several days off and optional points are confirmed for 2024! Check the complete and updated holiday calendar.

Prepare your calendars and plan your trips! The year 2024, marked by being a leap year, brings with it a series of holidays and optional points. Whether to rest, travel or simply enjoy some free time, knowing these dates in advance is essential.

Let’s check out the complete list of days off and understand how you can make the most of 2024.

List brings together all CLEARANCES and optional points for 2024; check out! Credit: plasticaxe.

2024 has only 3 holidays

The long-awaited "feriadões", those holidays that allow you to combine with the weekend, will be a little scarce in 2024.

We will only have three opportunities: Universal Fraternization Day (January 1st), the Passion of Christ (March 29th) and the Proclamation of the Republic (November 15th). All of them will provide long weekends, perfect for an escape from the routine.

Featured Holidays in 2024

In addition to the "holidays", several other national holidays will mark the calendar. Here is the complete list to get you organized:

January 1st: Universal Confraternization (Monday) March 29th: Good Friday/Passion of Christ (Friday) April 21st: Tiradentes (Sunday) May 1st: World Labor Day (Wednesday)7 September: Independence of Brazil (Saturday) October 12th: Our Lady of Aparecida (Saturday) November 2nd: All Souls’ Day (Saturday) November 15th: Proclamation of the Republic (Friday) November 20th: Black Consciousness (Wednesday) December 25th: Christmas (Wednesday)

Optional days off and points: Complete list

Optional periods are those days when work is not mandatory. However, whether or not to release employees is each company’s prerogative. In 2024, they will be:

February 12th and 13th: Carnival (Monday and Tuesday) February 14th: Ash Wednesday (Wednesday) May 30th: Corpus Christi (Thursday) October 28th: ​​Public Servants Day (Monday) fair)

Discover some state holidays

Each Brazilian state has its own holidays. Let’s highlight a few:

In Rio de Janeiro, Saint George’s Day (April 23) and Black Consciousness Day (November 20) are municipal holidays. In Belo Horizonte, Our Lady of Boa Viagem Day (August 15) and of Nossa Senhora da Conceição (December 8th) are notable dates. In Brasília, the city’s birthday (April 21st) coincides with Tiradentes, and Evangelical Day (November 30th) falls on a Saturday. In Manaus, the birthdays of the state (September 5th) and the city (October 24th) offer opportunities to extend the weekend. In Salvador, Saint John’s Day (June 24th) will be on a Monday. Porto Alegre celebrates Our Lady of Navigators (February 2) on a Friday.

Take advantage of time off and optional points

2024 promises to be a year with several opportunities to rest and enjoy holidays and optional points. Plan in advance to make the most of these dates, whether you want to relax, travel or simply enjoy leisure time.

Remember to check the specific rules of each state and city to ensure a year full of joy and well-deserved rest!

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