List brings together the 25 hottest professions for 2024: you won't believe it

Some professions can usually be more targeted than others, depending on the season. Check out the ones that will be highlighted soon!

Have you thought about which professions will be in demand this year? Yes, the world of work is always changing and staying on top of trends is essential. LinkedIn, one of the largest social networks focused on business and jobs, revealed the 25 professions that promise to be the most promising in 2024. Shall we see?

Have you ever stopped to think about which professions might be in demand in the future? See the 2024 forecast! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Professions that will stand out most in 2024

Initially, what the LinkedIn list shows us is that the technology and sales areas are dominating the market.

These areas reflect current market needs: digital security and a strategic sales approach.

Most popular professions this year

Among the professions in demand, we have:

Privacy AnalystCybersecurity AnalystSales ExecutiveBusiness Development Representative (BDR)Strategic Account ManagerDirector of RevenueProcess Security EngineerInvestment AdvisorData AnalystTraffic ManagerLeader of Product ManagersCivil Construction AnalystField SpecialistCommercial DirectorCustomer Manager Middle MarketChild PsychologistDrone PilotDigital Media StrategistGeology TechnicianOccupational Safety TechnicianSecurity EngineerIT Support AnalystReliability EngineerSustainability AnalystImplementation Analyst

These professions reflect job market trends in 2024, with a notable focus on technology, safety, sales and sustainability.

How did the list come about?

In short, the LinkedIn list was formulated by LinkedIn Economic Graph researchers, analyzing millions of vacancies and identifying growth rates for each position.

Positions needed to show steady increase and significant growth by 2023 to make the list.

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How about preparing for the future?

Given this information, the question that remains is: how to prepare for these opportunities?

The answer involves staying up to date with market trends, seeking qualifications in emerging areas and, of course, keeping your LinkedIn profile updated and active.

Therefore, the 25 professions on the rise for 2024 are a clear sign of changes in the job market.

If you are planning your career or thinking about a change, this information is invaluable.

Professions that will soon cease to exist

In the future, some professions may face significant decline or even disappear due to automation, digitalization and other technological innovations. Check out:

Bank tellers and cashiers: with the advancement of online banking services and automated payment systems, the need for human tellers is decreasing; Telemarketers: automation and artificial intelligence-based customer service systems are gradually replacing traditional telemarketing roles;Assembly Line Operators and Factory Workers: Advanced robotics and industrial automation are replacing many manual jobs on assembly lines and factories;Travel Agents: With the ease of planning and booking trips online, the role Traditional travel agents are being increasingly marginalized; Postal workers and postmen: the decline in the sending of physical correspondence, replaced by digital communications, and automation in correspondence processing reduce the demand for these professionals.

Finally, it’s important to note that while these professions may face significant challenges, that doesn’t mean they will disappear completely.

In many cases, for example, functions can evolve or adapt to new realities in the job market.

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