Learn how to request the Government Digital Antenna Kit for FREE today (01/18)

People from all over Brazil are entitled to the Government Digital Antenna Kit! Find out everything about this benefit, see the criteria and understand how to make the request.

In an increasingly connected and digitalized society, not falling behind is essential. For technology aficionados and TV lovers, interesting news: the Brazilian government is offering a Digital Antenna Kit for free!

Let’s explore how you can make this request today, ensuring a superior television experience.

Learn how to request the Government Digital Antenna Kit completely FREE today (01/18)! Credit: Reproduction.

What is the Digital Antenna Kit?

The Digital Antena Kit is an initiative by the federal government, in partnership with the Ministry of Communications, to facilitate the transition from analogue to digital signals.

This kit is aimed at beneficiaries of social programs and offers a way to access digital TV, which provides image and sound quality much higher than analogue.

Who can order the free Digital Antenna Kit?

To be eligible for the free Digital Antenna Kit, you must meet some criteria established by the program:

Be enrolled in a federal government social program, such as the Single Registry (CadÚnico). Have a traditional satellite dish installed and connected to the home’s TV. The antenna must be working to be able to watch the programming.

The benefits of the new antenna

The new digital satellite dish replaces the traditional antenna and is essential for a harmonious coexistence between C-band satellite technology and 5G.

The transition to the digital signal, facilitated by the kit, is crucial to avoid signal interference and ensure that all low-income families have access to the digital signal.

How do I order the Digital Antenna Kit?

The process for requesting the free antenna kit is simple and quick. First, check if you meet the criteria established by the program. If so, contact the company responsible for distributing the kit in your region.

This information can be obtained through the program’s service channels. Remember that the kit is distributed according to availability and demand in each region, so it is recommended to make the request as soon as possible.

Analog Signal Shutdown

It is important to be aware that the disconnection of the analog signal is expected to be completed by December 31, 2025. This process has already begun in several Brazilian capitals, making the replacement of satellite dishes an increasingly present reality.

The government is taking measures to ensure a smooth and affordable transition for everyone, with the distribution of free antenna kits being one of these initiatives.

Do not waste time!

The government’s offer of a free Digital Antenna Kit is an excellent opportunity for low-income families to keep up to date with technological developments.

With the ease of request and the guarantee of better image and sound quality, this initiative is an important step towards digital and technological inclusion in Brazil.

If you fit the criteria, don’t waste time and guarantee your kit now, enjoying the best of open TV programming with the quality you deserve. Check out more information at www.sigaantenado.com.br.

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