learn how to check the status of your benefit directly through the app

The Bolsa Família program is increasingly technological. Now, in addition to applications, you can check your benefit via WhatsApp. Check out how!

In the world of digital facilities, something new is coming to simplify the lives of millions of Brazilians: consulting Bolsa Família 2024 via WhatsApp. This technological advance represents a major step forward in accessibility and convenience for program beneficiaries.

With more than 20 million Brazilian citizens counting on this assistance, quick and effective consultation via the messaging app is a valuable tool. In this sense, if you still don’t know how to access data in the messenger, follow us to learn!

Do you receive Bolsa Família payments every month? Find out how to check your installments via WhatsApp! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Who is entitled to enroll in Bolsa Família?

Bolsa Família, one of the federal government’s main social programs, serves low-income families in situations of social vulnerability.

Based on the Single Registry for Social Programs (CadÚnico), families with a monthly income of up to R$240 per person are eligible for the benefit, which is paid monthly by the Ministry of Development and Social Assistance (MDS), through Caixa Econômica Federal.

Advantages of digital consultation

Overall, this digital initiative offers several advantages:

Convenience: check your Bolsa Família information without leaving home; Speed: receive the information you need quickly and efficiently; Security: avoid queues and crowds, checking your benefit safely.

In other words, you only benefit from using your messenger to make the query!

How to consult Bolsa Família via WhatsApp

To make a query via WhatsApp, simply add the number 0800 104 0104 to your contacts and start a conversation through the app. By following the simple instructions, the user will be able to obtain information about payment amounts and dates.

In addition to WhatsApp, inquiries can also be made via the call center (111) or Caixa ao Cidadão (0800 726 02 07).

Bolsa Família Calendar for January 2024

It is important to pay attention to the payment schedule, which is based on the beneficiaries’ Social Identification Number (NIS). In January, payments begin on the 18th for those with final NIS 1, continuing until the 31st for final NIS 0. Check it out:

When the NIS ends in 1: installment on the 18th; When the NIS ends in 2: installment on the 19th; When the NIS ends in 3: installment on the 22nd; When the NIS ends in 4: installment on the 23rd; When the NIS ends in the 5th : installment on the 24th;When the NIS ends on the 6th: installment on the 25th;When the NIS ends on the 7th: installment on the 26th;When the NIS ends on the 8th: installment on the 29th;When the NIS ends on the 9th: installment on the 30th;When the NIS ends in 0: installment on the 31st.

Furthermore, if you are waiting for joint payment with the gas voucher, it is important to know that it will not happen in January. As this secondary benefit is transferred every two months, the next payment will only be in February.

What is needed to register with Bolsa Família?

Now, if you still don’t know how to register and receive the benefit, the process is simple.

Single Registration

First, you must be registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico). To do this, go to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) closest to your residence.

It is essential to bring identification documents for all family members, such as ID, CPF, birth certificate for minors, as well as proof of residence and income.

Eligibility Criteria

Bolsa Família is aimed at families in situations of poverty or extreme poverty. Therefore, your monthly family income must be up to half a minimum wage per person or up to three minimum wages in total.

Data update

Finally, keep your data always updated in CadÚnico. Changes such as address, income, family composition and children’s education must be reported to CRAS.

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