Jornal da Globo announced it, but VALUE is not enough!

Retirees will receive additional compensation, but will the money be enough to cover their needs? Check out!

The new year brought good news for Brazilian retirees, with a readjustment that made the eyes of millions shine. Have you ever felt that feeling of receiving less than you expected?

Well, INSS beneficiaries experienced exactly this, and the way it impacts each person’s life is a story that deserves to be told. Check out.

This month, retirees will have access to an additional amount in their benefits. See what it’s all about! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Significant increase for retirees

Imagine opening your account and finding an extra amount, a surprise that brings immediate relief to your budget.

This became a reality for more than 26 million retirees in Brazil. Since the beginning of January 2024, payments have already reflected this increase, bringing a little more comfort to the daily lives of many families.

Minimum wage increase in 2024

Initially, the year 2024 marks a significant moment for Brazilian workers, with the increase in the minimum wage to R$1,412.

This change is not just a numerical adjustment to payrolls, but a breather for millions of families who depend on these amounts to cover their basic needs.

Impacts of increasing the minimum wage

In short, the minimum wage adjustment has a domino effect that goes beyond the worker’s pocket. It directly impacts a series of social benefits, such as retirement, pensions, sickness benefits and the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), for example.

Every real added to the minimum wage is reflected in the lives of millions of retirees and pensioners, who see their purchasing power being slightly increased.

In addition, assistance benefits that are calculated based on the national minimum are also adjusted, providing relief, even if small, in the domestic economy of many Brazilian families.

Values ​​attract newspaper attention

The subject in question was a topic in the regional newspaper Bom dia ParanĂ¡, belonging to the Globo network. Even though it is a lower-than-expected amount, it is already a step forward for those insured by the National Social Security Institute (INSS).

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INSS payment calendar in January

Furthermore, in January 2024, the INSS began paying the adjusted benefits, following a well-defined calendar to organize the distribution of the amounts. Check it out below.

One salary

January 25: installment to NIS 1; January 26: installment to NIS 2; January 29: installment to NIS 3; January 30: installment to NIS 4; January 31: installment to NIS 5; February 1: installment to NIS 6; February 2: installment to NIS 7; February 5: installment to NIS 8; February 6: installment to NIS 9; February 7: installment to NIS 0.

More than one salary

February 1st: installment for NIS 1 and 6; February 2nd: installment for NIS 2 and 7; February 5th: installment for NIS 3 and 8; February 6th: installment for NIS 4 and 9; February 7th: installment for NIS 5 and 0.

Reality of retirees vs. the ideal

However, not everything is perfect. Despite this victory, a DIEESE study reveals that we are still far from ideal.

To cover just basic food expenses, R$750 would be needed – and that's without taking into account other essential expenses such as housing, health and transport. This leads us to reflect: what does it really mean to live with dignity in retirement?

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