JH makes an announcement and drivers are impatient

We have crucial news for Brazilian drivers! New CNH order should bring major changes for drivers; find out everything about the announcement that stopped Jornal Hoje!

In a scenario where the National Driving License (CNH) is a crucial document for millions of Brazilians, any change in its rules is received with great attention and, often, anxiety.

Recently, an announcement made in Jornal Hoje (JH) by journalist Cesar Tralli came as news of great importance for the country’s drivers.

Did you miss the live news? Do not freak out! In the article below, we show everything that was said in Jornal Hoje, and reveal how the new CNH rule could affect drivers’ lives.

New CNH order: JH makes an announcement and drivers are impatient. Credit: plasticaxe.

CNH has new issuance criteria

The CNH is not just a permit to drive; it represents freedom, independence and, for many, it is an essential work tool.

This is why changes to your regulations or procedures always generate great expectations among drivers.

And when these changes are announced on a platform as respected as Jornal Hoje, they gain even more weight and urgency.

Jornal Hoje announces new CNH order

Cesar Tralli, known for his meticulous work and his ability to transmit information clearly and directly, brought to light at Jornal Hoje a significant change related to the CNH.

Recently, the journalist informed viewers that more than 5 million professional drivers had not yet taken the mandatory drug test.

It is worth remembering that this exam, which represents the new CNH order, is essential for holders of driver’s licenses in categories C, D and E and must be taken periodically.

Why is the Toxicological Test mandatory?

The toxicological test, crucial for road safety, verifies the active consumption or not of psychoactive substances.

The analysis is carried out with a minimum retrospective of 90 days and is a requirement for drivers who drive large vehicles, such as trucks or buses.

The deadline to take this exam was December 28th of last year, as informed by Tralli. The importance of this exam is reflected in the safety of the driver and everyone on the road, as the use of substances that alter perception and reaction capacity can lead to serious accidents.

How does the new CNH order work?

According to the toxicological examination website, the procedure is carried out by collecting a small sample of hair or body hair. This analysis can detect substances consumed up to 180 days before the exam.

The requirement for this test aims to prevent drivers, especially those who need to travel for long hours, from resorting to drug use to stay awake.

Responsibility is key for drivers

The announcement made in JH serves as a vital reminder of the responsibility every driver has, not just for their own safety, but for the safety of everyone on the road. The CNH is more than a document; It is a commitment to safe and responsible driving.

For professional drivers, staying up to date with exams and regulations is essential. This way, they not only guarantee the continuity of their work, but also contribute to safer traffic for everyone.

The new CNH order, therefore, is not just a bureaucratic change; It is an evolution in the way we view responsibility and safety on Brazil’s roads. Find out more on the official CTB website:

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