It's for those who don't know the password!

Need to use Wi-Fi somewhere, but don’t know the password yet? Don’t worry, this tool can help you connect anyway!

Have you ever found yourself not knowing the Wi-Fi password, wishing for an instant and secure connection? Imagine a world where connecting to the internet no longer depends on memorizing complicated passwords.

Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? But for users of Android 10 devices, this dream has come true. Thanks to the hidden and innovative feature of the Wi-Fi QR Code, internet connectivity has become more accessible and instantaneous. See how!

If you need to use someone’s internet, see how to access Wi-Fi even without having the password! / Photo: reproduction.

How the Secret Wi-Fi Feature Works

Wi-Fi QR Code is an exclusive function for Android 10 devices, which allows you to connect to Wi-Fi networks without manually entering the password.

It works by generating a QR code containing the information necessary to access the network. Simply scan this code with your device’s camera to automatically connect to the desired network.

How to use the Wi-Fi QR Code

Now, using the tool is quite simple:

First, go to your Android settings and click on "Wi-Fi"; Then, choose the network you want to connect to; The next step is to go back to your Wi-Fi settings and choose the network again, clicking on the little box in the top corner, then; Finally, just scan the QR Code and that’s it!

Did you see how simple the process is?

Advantages of Wi-Fi QR Code

First, forget about long and complex passwords. With the Wi-Fi QR Code, connecting to the internet is as simple as taking a photo.

Furthermore, the connection is made in seconds, saving you precious time. The tool also reduces the risk of entering the wrong password or exposing your password to strangers.

Can only those with Android 10 use it?

Since Wi-Fi QR Code is an exclusive feature for Android 10, users of other operating systems, such as iOS, still need to enter passwords manually.

However, there are other ways to share your internet connection, such as creating a personal Wi-Fi network.

Care when connecting to Wi-Fi networks

Although connecting to public Wi-Fi networks is convenient, this practice poses significant digital security risks.

These networks, often found in places such as cafes, airports and squares, often do not have the same security measures as a private network.

This makes them vulnerable to cyber attacks, such as "man-in-the-middle", where hackers intercept data transmitted between your device and the Wi-Fi access point, exposing data such as passwords, banking details and private messages.

What is the solution to protect yourself when using public networks?

First of all, something that can help is to avoid making any type of financial transaction when you connect to one.

Then try not to send files that may contain important data, such as numbers or photos of documents.

Finally, it is important to use a good Virtual Private Network (VPN), which will help you protect yourself by encrypting your location.

If you need to share your network with someone, but don’t want to share the password or don’t know what it is, Android also gives you the option of creating a QR Code.

To do this, you just need to go to the settings, click on Wi-Fi and choose the network you are using. The next step is to click on "QR Code" and share the code. That way:

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