Is it possible to receive Bolsa Família and family allowance at the same time? Find it out!

Understand how to take advantage of Bolsa Família and family allowance together: tips to guarantee financial support for your family.

In a country where many families face constant financial challenges, seeking government assistance can be a crucial need.

Bolsa Família and salary-family are two important social programs that aim to provide financial support to different groups of citizens in Brazil. However, the question that often arises is whether it is possible to receive both of these benefits simultaneously.

In this article, we will not only answer this fundamental question, but also explore in detail how you can optimize these programs to ensure the best possible financial support for your family.

Let’s understand the nuances of each program, the eligibility criteria and how to go about combining these benefits effectively.

Reconciling Bolsa Família and family allowance: discover how to combine these benefits effectively. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

The Family Salary: a benefit for workers and their children

The family allowance, administered by Social Security, is intended for formal and informal workers who regularly contribute to Social Security. This benefit is granted for each child up to 14 years of age and has a value established at R$62.04 per month, per child. It is significant financial assistance for many families looking to balance their monthly expenses.

However, it is worth highlighting that there is a maximum limit for this benefit, which is currently R$1,819.26. This means that, if the worker’s income or the number of children exceeds this limit, the value of the family allowance will be adjusted according to the established rules.

Bolsa Família: assistance for vulnerable families

Bolsa Família, on the other hand, is a social assistance program that aims to help families in situations of economic vulnerability. To qualify for Bolsa Família, it is necessary to meet specific income criteria, with a limit set at R$218 per person. This means that the total family income must be below this amount for the family to be eligible.

Furthermore, families interested in participating in Bolsa Família must be registered in the Cadastro Único, a crucial tool used by the Federal Government to identify and select beneficiaries of social programs. The Single Registry is an effective way to ensure that aid reaches families who need it most.

Recently, the Federal Government implemented a new requirement: the Bolsa Família beneficiary must have their CPF regularized to continue receiving the benefit. This highlights the importance of keeping all documents up to date to ensure continued access to the program.

Bolsa Família and Family Salary: is it possible to receive them at the same time?

The question that many ask themselves is whether it is possible to combine the family allowance and Bolsa Família. The answer is yes, but with some important considerations. Both benefits can be granted simultaneously, as long as the family meets the criteria established by the Federal Government.

To receive both benefits together, it is essential that the value of the worker’s salary and the amount received as family allowance do not exceed the limits established by the social program. In other words, the family’s total income, including salary and family allowance, must be within the Bolsa Família eligibility ranges.

How to request a combination of benefits

If you believe that your family meets the necessary criteria to receive both Bolsa Família and family allowance, the next step is to seek guidance at a Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) unit in your region. There, a social worker will be available to help and guide you through the entire process.

It is important to mention that Bolsa Família benefits may vary according to family composition and per capita income, which makes it necessary to regularly update information with the Single Registry. Keeping data up to date is essential to ensure that your family continues to receive assistance appropriately.

In short, it is possible to combine Bolsa Família and family allowance to guarantee additional financial support for your family, as long as all criteria are met. These social programs play a crucial role in helping families in vulnerable situations, contributing to improving the quality of life of many Brazilians. Therefore, if you meet the requirements, do not hesitate to seek these benefits to ensure a more stable and secure future for your family.

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