IS the 13th salary for seniors DEFINED? Check the value and possible payment dates in 2024

Find out when and how much you will receive from the elderly’s 13th salary in 2024, with detailed payment dates for INSS retirees and pensioners.

The payment of the long-awaited 13th salary for elderly people insured by the INSS (National Social Security Institute) is approaching in 2024. With the deposit calendar already published in advance for the entire year, retirees and pensioners can now track when the money will be available in your bank accounts.

The 13th salary allocated to elderly retirees or INSS pensioners will be released in two installments. This practice is common: in the first month, policyholders will receive 50% of the amount to which they are entitled, and in the following month, they will have access to the other 50%, but with an Income Tax discount for those who are taxpayers.

Discover the payment dates and the value of the 13th salary for seniors in 2024, ensuring that you are prepared to receive this important benefit. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

After all, when will the elderly's 13th salary be paid?

In summary, the payment of the elderly’s 13th salary is scheduled to take place between the months of May and June, following the same trend as in previous years.

In this sense, since the beginning of the pandemic, the federal government has chosen to bring forward the Christmas bonus to the first half of the year, aiming to boost the economy.

Thus, following the original rules, the amount should be released by August for the first installment and by November for the second payment. However, it is more likely that deposits will continue to occur in the first half of the year.

First installment in May

Firstly, for those earning up to the minimum wage, the payment dates are as follows:

Final 1: May 24; Final 2: May 27; Final 3: May 28; Final 4: May 29; Final 5: May 31; Final 6: June 3; Final 7: June 4; Final 8: June 5th; End 9: June 6th; End 0: June 7th.

On the other hand, for those earning above the minimum wage, the payment dates are as follows:

Final 1 and 6: June 3; Final 2 and 7: June 4; Final 3 and 8: June 5; Final 4 and 9: June 6; Final 5 and 0: June 7.

Second installment in June

Namely, the second installment of the 13th salary will be paid in June, with the following dates for those earning up to the minimum wage:

Final 1: June 24; Final 2: June 25; Final 3: June 26; Final 4: June 27; Final 5: June 28; Final 6: July 1; Final 7: July 2; Final 8: July 3rd; Ending 9: July 4th; Ending 0: July 5th.

Meanwhile, for those who earn above the minimum, the payment dates for the second installment are as follows:

Final 1 and 6: July 1st; Final 2 and 7: July 2; Final 3 and 8: July 3; Final 4 and 9: July 4; Final 5 and 0: July 5.

Finally, pay attention to the payment schedule for seniors’ 13th salary to ensure that you receive your benefit on time. This is an important measure to help retirees and pensioners plan their personal finances throughout the year.

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