IPTU exemption guaranteed for more than 22 million Brazilians; Find out how to get it too!

Ease your pocket with the IPTU exemption for retirees: find out how to achieve these savings and enjoy a more peaceful retirement.

Have you ever imagined being able to alleviate the burden of expenses every year, especially when it comes to Urban Property and Territorial Tax (IPTU)? For more than 22 million Brazilians, this possibility is becoming reality.

In this article, not only will we present three essential steps to guarantee exemption from IPTU, but we will also bring you updated information and exclusive tips so that you can also save and ensure more money in your pocket.

IPTU exemption for more than 22 million: discover the steps to save and value the contribution of the elderly. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br).

Step 1: Check the basic requirements to obtain IPTU exemption

The requirements for obtaining IPTU exemption may vary depending on the municipality, but there are fundamental criteria that need to be met. Generally, this exemption is mainly aimed at INSS retirees. Therefore, to qualify you must:

Own only one property registered in your name. Have monthly income not exceeding five minimum wages. The value of the registered property must not exceed the limit pre-determined by the municipality, which generally varies between R$ 800 thousand and R$ 1 million.

Be sure to check the specific requirements in your municipality to ensure your eligibility.

Step 2: gather the necessary documentation

To request exemption from IPTU, it is crucial to prepare the necessary documentation. Make sure you gather the following documents:

Copy of your identity document.Copy of your CPF.Copy of proof of income that demonstrates that your monthly earnings do not exceed five minimum wages.Copy of proof of residence, which must correspond to the property you wish to exempt.Certificate of market value of the property, which must show that the value of the property is within the limit established by the municipality.

Step 3: visit City Hall and make the request

With all the documents in hand and ensuring that you meet the necessary requirements, the next step is to go to the city hall of the municipality where your property is located. There, you must present the necessary documentation to request exemption from IPTU.

The impact of the IPTU exemption

The IPTU exemption not only eases the pockets of INSS retirees and pensioners, but also has a significant impact on the quality of life of these people. With the aging of the Brazilian population, an increasing number of elderly people are looking for ways to save and ensure a more peaceful future. According to the IBGE 2022 Census, the Brazilian population aged 65 or over already represents almost 11% of the total, totaling 22.1 million people.

The IPTU exemption not only frees up financial resources for these elderly people, but also helps them remain in their homes and communities, promoting healthier and more integrated aging. Furthermore, this measure is a form of recognition for the contribution of these citizens throughout their lives, helping to improve their quality of life in retirement.

Saving and recognizing contributions

So, if you fit the criteria and want to ease the burden of IPTU on your finances, follow the steps mentioned above and take advantage of this opportunity to save and secure welcome financial relief in your life. The IPTU exemption is not just a money saver; It is a form of recognition and support for those who built the country throughout their lives. Take advantage of this opportunity and be part of the more than 22 million Brazilians who are guaranteeing relief in their pockets and a more peaceful life in retirement.

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