iPhone 14 in 2024. Is it worth it?

As technology advances, the question of whether previous generation devices are still a viable option becomes increasingly relevant. In this analysis, we explore the usefulness and value of the iPhone 14 in 2024, a terminal that debuted in 2022. Is it still a smart purchase a year and a half after its launch?

iPhone 14 design and screen: Continuity with nuances

The iPhone 14, with its compact size and 6.1-inch OLED panel, remains a model of comfort and visual quality. Although its design is very similar to the iPhone 13, users appreciate its manageability and the quality of its screen. However, certain aspects such as maximum peak brightness and 60Hz refresh rate could be considered limited by current standards.

The quality of the iPhone 14, reflected in its screen and compact design, keeps it an attractive option for users looking for an efficient device without needing the latest news.

Photo and video experience: Quality with reservations

In the photographic field, the iPhone 14 remains competitive, especially in good lighting conditions. The image quality during the day and night is notable, although the performance of the wide-angle sensor and its fisheye effect in night photography are not entirely convincing. However, the video section remains a strong point, especially for content creators on social networks.

iPhone 14 and operating system performance

iOS, the operating system of the iPhone 14, together with Apple processors, ensure a fluid and pleasant experience. This combination keeps the iPhone 14 a reliable option for various usage situations, even compared to newer models.

Autonomy and load: Strengths and weaknesses

The autonomy of the iPhone 14 is remarkable, aligning with that of the iPhone 13 and surpassing some newer models. This feature allows users to enjoy their device without constant worries about charging. However, the persistence of the Lightning connection instead of USB Type C can be seen as a negative point, especially considering standardization trends in the industry.

The iPhone 14 is no longer available in the Apple Store or on the brand’s website, but we can get it from Amazon at a very good price. Sales Apple iPhone 14 (128 GB) – Blue 6.1-inch Super Retina

Is it worth it in 2024?

The iPhone 14 in 2024 is still a considerable option, especially if it comes at a significantly lower price than the iPhone 13, given their similarities. For those looking to save, the iPhone 13 could be a better option. On the other hand, if you are willing to invest more, models like the iPhone 15 offer additional advances.

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