INSS confirms adjustment in January payments: what now?

This month, INSS payments may undergo adjustments. Understand how this can impact policyholders' benefits and pay attention!

Have you heard the news about monthly payments from the National Social Security Institute (INSS)?

In January, those who receive the amounts can be excited, as there will be an important adjustment. Come check!

Will you receive INSS payments in January? So stay tuned, as there will be readjustments! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

How are INSS payments readjusted?

In principle, the adjustment of INSS benefits occurs annually and is based on two main criteria: the minimum wage and the social security ceiling.

For benefits linked to the minimum wage, the adjustment follows the increase defined by the federal government.

For benefits above the minimum, the adjustment is calculated based on the previous year’s inflation, measured by the INPC (National Consumer Price Index).

Overall, this ensures that the beneficiaries’ purchasing power is maintained, adjusting values ​​according to changes in market prices.

INSS readjusts values ​​in January

The first payment of the year, which began on January 25, brought a significant increase.

So, you must be asking yourself: "How much did it increase?" Check it out: the adjustment ranged from 3.71% to 6.97%, depending on the amount you receive.

This means that the minimum wage is now R$1,412.00, and the ceiling has reached R$7,786.00. What a difference, huh?

Who will receive payments in January?

Firstly, INSS payments are intended for a specific group of people. This includes retirees, whether due to age, contribution time or disability, and pensioners, who are the dependents of workers who died or had their presumed death declared.

People who receive sickness benefit, accident benefit and those who receive the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), aimed at low-income elderly people and people with disabilities, are also covered by the benefits.

These payments are essential to the financial security of these individuals.

How to check payment?

Furthermore, you know that curiosity to know when and how much you will receive? You can check everything online, quickly and easily.

Access My INSS (Android: or iOS: log in and search for "Payment Statement". There, you filter by the date you want and that's it! Everything in the palm of your hand.

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Check the payment schedule

Now, let’s get to the point, the calendar! It is divided into two groups: those who receive up to the minimum wage and those who receive above.

Payments are made according to the end of the benefit number, without considering the digit. See below.

A minimum wage

January 25th: payment to NIS 1; January 26th: payment to NIS 2; January 29th: payment to NIS 3; January 30th: payment to NIS 4; January 31st: payment to NIS 5; February 1st: payment to NIS 6; February 2: payment to NIS 7; February 5: payment to NIS 8; February 6: payment to NIS 9; February 7: payment to NIS 0.

Up to the INSS ceiling

February 1st: payment to NIS 1 and 6; February 2nd: payment to NIS 2 and 7; February 5th: payment to NIS 3 and 8; February 6th: payment to NIS 4 and 9; February 7th: payment to NIS 5 and 0.

Important changes for beneficiaries

Finally, these changes to the INSS show how important it is to always be informed about your rights.

Remember, information is power, especially when it comes to your financial life. Stay up to date and, of course, make the most of your readjustment!

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