INSS and Pix in the accounts of retirees and pensioners next Monday; find out if you will receive

Are all retirees and pensioners entitled to INSS Pix next week? Check what the payment is about and see the calendar.

In an update that marks a new era for INSS beneficiaries, unbelievable news reaches the ears of retirees and pensioners: the availability of payments via Pix next Monday, January 29th!

The change, already celebrated by many Brazilians, generates great repercussion on the internet. Check out the reason for the celebration in our article, and see when Pix will hit the accounts of retirees and pensioners.

Pix will be added to INSS beneficiaries’ accounts next Monday! Credit: plasticaxe.

INSS starts paying benefits via Pix

The INSS payment system via PIX introduces a new dynamic of agility and efficiency for the agency’s transfers.

With PIX technology, beneficiaries can receive their payments faster and more securely, facilitating access to their rights.

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Pix for INSS beneficiaries next Monday

From the 29th, beneficiaries with the end of card Number 3 will start receiving their payments, according to the INSS calendar.

Furthermore, this month’s PIX value will be higher due to the new minimum wage of R$1,412, an increase of 8.4% compared to the previous year.

From the same point of view, with the readjustment of the entire INSS table according to last year’s INPC, the ceiling on benefits paid by the municipality increases to R$7,786.01, exceeding the old maximum value of R$7,500.

Artificial Intelligence at INSS?

Amid doubts from beneficiaries about the agency’s payments, Alessandro Stefanutto, president of INSS, clarified the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to combat fraud in medical certificates.

He ensures that AI, despite having the possibility of making errors, will not lead to the cancellation of benefits without due certainty.

Therefore, in cases of errors identified by AI, there will be room for broad defense on the part of the affected beneficiary. The approach balances technological efficiency with justice and respect for citizens’ rights.

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INSS Calendar – When will Pix drop?

The news of the increase in payments via INSS PIX is a breath of fresh air for the millions of Brazilians who depend on Social Security. It represents a significant improvement in the way benefits are administered and distributed.

In this sense, see below the complete INSS payment calendar for January 2024! This way, you can find out who still gets paid next week.

Firstly, we have the schedule for beneficiaries who receive 1 minimum wage, divided according to the end of the benefit card:

Final 1: January 25; Final 2: January 26; Final 3: January 29; Final 4: January 30; Final 5: January 31; Final 6: February 1; Final 7: February 2; Final 8: February 5th; End 9: February 6th; End 0: February 7th.

Finally, see the dates for beneficiaries who earn larger amounts:

Finals 1 and 6: February 1st;Finals 2 and 7: February 2nd;Finals 3 and 8: February 5th;Finals 4 and 9: February 6th;Finals 5 and 0: February 7th.

Don’t waste time making payments! The new era of pension finance starts with you.

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