INSS and the deposit of R$1,400 see how to check your balance

Thousands of Brazilians will be able to receive a deposit worth at least R$1,400 from the INSS! See if you are entitled to the amounts.

The INSS payment calendar for 2024 is now available, providing crucial information for millions of Brazilians who depend on these benefits for their livelihood.

Therefore, those who will receive the minimum amount of R$1,400 must pay attention to the official dates!

Will you receive your full INSS payment this month? See how much the values ​​drop! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

INSS payments have already started

In principle, the INSS establishes an annual schedule for the payment of retirement, pensions and other benefits.

This calendar is defined based on the final benefit number, disregarding the digit. Thus, each beneficiary has a specific date for receipt, which is repeated month by month.

When will I receive the INSS?

Payment always starts on the last working days of the month for those who earn up to the minimum wage and continues until the first working days of the following month for those who earn above this amount. See below.

Up to a minimum wage

Payment for NIS ending 1:25 January;Payment for NIS ending 2:26 January;Payment for NIS ending 3:29 January;Payment for NIS ending 4:30 January;Payment for NIS ending on 5:31 January;Payment for NIS ending on 6:01 February;Payment for NIS ending on 7:02 February;Payment for NIS ending on 8:05 February;Payment for NIS with ending on 9:06 February; Payment to NIS ending on 0:07 February.

More than a minimum wage

Payment for NIS ending on 1st and 6th: February 1st;Payment for NIS ending on 2nd and 7th: February 2nd;Payment for NIS ending on 3rd and 8th: February 5th;Payment for NIS ending on 4th and 9:06 February; Payment for NIS ending on 5 and 0:07 February.

Check your INSS installment

You can check the payment dates on the official INSS website (or directly at the bank branches where you receive the benefit.

This way, staying informed will avoid surprises and help you better plan your expenses.

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It’s important to be informed!

Furthermore, being aware of INSS payment dates is essential for effective financial planning.

Use this information to your advantage to better manage your finances and live more peacefully. Don’t forget to consult the official calendar for 2024 and mark the important dates!

How can I increase the INSS retirement amount?

To boost your retirement, consider these three strategic tips.

Additional contributions

Firstly, if you are still active, make voluntary contributions to the INSS. This can be especially helpful if you have had interrupted contribution periods.

Additional contributions increase the value of your retirement by increasing the average salary considered when calculating the benefit.

Benefit review

Then check your INSS contribution history. Errors or omissions can reduce the value of your pension.

Requesting a review can correct these errors and potentially increase your monthly benefit amount.

Postpone retirement

Finally, postponing the retirement application may result in an increase in the value of the benefit, especially after the pension reform. Working longer not only increases contribution time, but can also replace years of lower wages in the average calculation, resulting in a greater benefit.

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