INSS and confirmed victories for 2024: CONTROVERSY!

2024 starts with great victories for INSS beneficiaries! Government confirms news for retirees and pensioners; know everything!

The National Social Security Institute (INSS), a vital agency of the Brazilian government, is the backbone of the country’s pension system. With the beginning of 2024, the INSS finds itself at the center of a heated debate, involving readjustments in benefits and tax exemptions.

These changes, which affect millions of Brazilians, are crucial and deserve a detailed look. In the article below, you can check all the information.

INSS and confirmed victories for 2024: CONTROVERSY! Credit: plasticaxe.

How many beneficiaries does INSS have?

More than 38 million people in Brazil depend on INSS payments, whether in the form of retirement, pensions or other benefits.

For many, these payments are the only source of income, which makes any change in values ​​and rules of great importance.

INSS victories: Readjustment of benefits

In 2024, INSS retirees and pensioners who earn above the minimum wage will see their benefits readjusted, including inflation replacement.

This means that the minimum value of benefits was set at R$1,412 and the maximum at R$7,786.02, representing a significant increase for many beneficiaries.

IR exemption and standard discount

In addition to the adjustment, there was an increase of 10.92% in the Income Tax exemption range, now reaching R$2,112. In addition, a standard discount of R$528 was granted across all income brackets. These measures provide additional financial relief for retirees and pensioners.

INSS victories: Extra benefit

For retirees and pensioners aged 65 or over, regardless of income, the Federal Revenue Service offers an extra portion of exemption, equivalent to R$1,903.98 of the benefit.

This represents an additional advantage for seniors, ensuring that more of their income remains tax-free.

How does the readjustment work in practice?

A 64-year-old retiree, who received R$3,500 in 2023, will have his retirement adjusted to R$3,629.85, with a monthly income tax of R$94.87. This example illustrates the direct impact of readjustments and exemptions on beneficiaries’ finances.

Furthermore, according to calculations by Unafisco Nacional, if the Income Tax table were fully adjusted for inflation, more than 13.7 million taxpayers would be exempt from declaring in 2025.

This scenario points to a potential future victory for millions of Brazilians, relieving them of the bureaucratic and financial burden of declaring income tax.

Stay tuned for changes to the INSS!

The changes to the INSS in 2024 represent significant victories for millions of Brazilians who depend on these benefits. The increase in benefit values ​​and the expansion of the Income Tax exemption range bring welcome financial relief.

These measures reflect the government’s effort to support the most vulnerable, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

With these changes, the INSS reaffirms its fundamental role in maintaining the financial security of Brazilian retirees and pensioners. Find out more on the official website

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