Increase in unemployment insurance? Find out how to get all 5 installments adjusted

Unemployment insurance underwent new adjustments in 2024. Find out how you can access up to five installments from now on!

Did you know that unemployment insurance is more than a benefit, it is support in those moments when we need it most?

Today you will learn how you can benefit from the 5 installments of unemployment insurance with adjusted values. Let’s go?

Unemployment insurance is one of the most important benefits for workers. See how to request it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Importance of unemployment insurance

In the world of personal finance, few things are as comforting as knowing that we have support in difficult times.

Unemployment insurance, in this context, appears as a beacon of hope. With the recent adjustment of the minimum wage, this benefit also underwent significant changes.

So, if you were fired without cause, now is the time to understand how unemployment insurance can help you navigate this transition period.

Understand unemployment insurance

In principle, unemployment insurance is temporary financial assistance offered by the federal government to workers who have lost their jobs without just cause.

This benefit is crucial as it offers financial security until you are able to return to the job market.

In general, assistance is paid in up to five installments, which can be continuous or alternating, depending on the time worked.

What are the unemployment insurance criteria?

In summary, to be entitled to this benefit, you need to:

Having been dismissed without just cause;

In other words, anything that deviates from this rule no longer qualifies as a right to the benefit, such as not working with a formal contract, for example.

How many times can I request payment?

Now, the number of unemployment insurance claims depends on the time worked before being laid off:

In the 1st request, it is necessary to have worked at least 12 months in the last 18 months; In the 2nd request, at least 9 months in the last 12 months; From the 3rd request, at least 6 months in the last 6 months.

You can therefore request multiple times.

Changes to the unemployment insurance table

The unemployment insurance table in 2024 varies according to the average salary:

Up to R$ 2,041.39: The average salary is multiplied by 80%; From R$ 2,041.40 to R$ 3,402.65: What exceeds R$ 2,041.40 is multiplied by 50% and added to R$ 1,633.10; Above R$ 3,402.66: The value will be the ceiling of R$ 2,313.74.

Note that the value of the installment is never less than the current minimum wage. So, to know when you will receive it, just do the calculation.

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How to apply for unemployment insurance?

Furthermore, unemployment insurance can be requested in person at the Regional Labor and Employment Superintendencies units, online via the portal or via the Digital Wallet app (Android: or iOS:

Don’t forget to take advantage of your rights!

This is an opportunity for you to reorganize yourself financially while looking for a new position in the market.

Furthermore, remember: unemployment insurance is not just a benefit, it is your right as a worker. Use it wisely and good luck on your professional outplacement journey!

Tips for taking advantage of unemployment insurance

Check eligibility: first, make sure you meet all the criteria to receive unemployment insurance;Calculate the amount: then, understand how your benefit amount will be calculated to plan your finances;Schedule your claim: by Finally, if you choose in-person assistance, don’t forget to schedule your visit to the Regional Labor and Employment Superintendency.

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