Increase and the new law that will pay EXTRAORDINARY amounts to Brazilians through Caixa

Are you among the lucky ones who will be able to receive an extraordinary amount at Caixa Econômica Federal? Check the details of the law that justifies the payment.

In a scenario of constant economic changes, a new law meets the needs of Brazilian workers, guaranteeing extraordinary (and truly unexpected) payment for thousands of people.

Caixa Econômica Federal, an institution already known for its wide range of financial services and support for various government programs, is at the center of this new legislation. Let's understand the impact of this law and what it means for workers in Brazil.

Increase and the new law that will pay EXTRAORDINARY amounts to Brazilians through Caixa. Credit: plasticaxe.

What does Caixa offer to Brazilians?

Before we reveal the main details about the new law, it is crucial to recognize the variety of services that Caixa offers to Brazilians. Through its official application, the bank offers a wide range of resources. Look:

Banking services, including current and savings accountsHousing financing and social programsLottery administration, including Mega SenaInsurance services and consortiumsManagement of FGTS and PIS/PASEP fundsPayment of social benefits, such as Bolsa Família and unemployment insuranceLoans and various financingDigital services through the Caixa app

These services play a crucial role in providing financial support and making Brazilians' dreams come true.

New law brings extraordinary value to Caixa

The new law that comes into force brings a spectacular increase for workers under the CLT regime, administered by Caixa. We are talking, of course, about the readjustment of the minimum wage, also confirmed by the Government.

With the recent increase in the minimum wage from R$1,320 to R$1,412, this adjustment also affects other government benefits, such as unemployment insurance and INSS sickness benefit.

The impact of the readjustment on unemployment insurance

In 2024, unemployment insurance, a vital aid for CLT workers fired without just cause, including domestic workers, follows this increase. This benefit, paid by Caixa, now considers the new salary floor for its calculation.

For salaries up to R$1,968.36, the benefit will be 80% of this amount. For salaries between R$1,968.37 and R$3,280.93, the payment will be 50% of the amount received monthly at work.

Who can receive unemployment insurance?

To receive unemployment insurance, it is important that workers meet certain criteria, such as:

Being a formal worker or domestic employee, dismissed without just cause. Workers whose contract was suspended, professional fishermen during the closed season, and those rescued from conditions similar to slavery. Not receiving any social security benefits or having their own income.

Extraordinary value is great news for Caixa customers

This increase and the new law represent a significant step towards providing additional financial support to Brazilian workers in times of economic uncertainty.

Caixa Econômica Federal’s initiative in managing these payments reflects its ongoing commitment to the social and economic well-being of Brazilians.

The new legislation and the increase in unemployment insurance are clear examples of the continuous effort by the Brazilian government and Caixa Econômica Federal to support the country’s workers.

Amid economic changes, measures like these are essential to ensure a financial safety net for citizens, especially those facing challenges in the job market. Find out more at

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