Income Tax Declaration will require new documents in 2024: check the updated list!

Stay up to date with the new requirements for the 2024 Income Tax Declaration – Updated documents!

The 2024 Income Tax declaration season is approaching and, for Brazilians who need to comply with this tax obligation, it is essential to be prepared with the correct documents.

This year, the Federal Revenue updated the list of documents required to ensure that all taxpayers comply with the established rules. More details can be found below.

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What will the 2024 Income Tax Declaration look like?

First of all, it is important to remember that the information to be declared concerns the year 2023.

Therefore, all vouchers must refer to that specific period. In this sense, it’s time to start organizing your documents and ensure that nothing is forgotten.

Starting in March, taxpayers will be able to start filling out and sending their 2024 Income Tax returns.

The deadline for delivery to the Federal Revenue Service is the end of May. Those who choose to submit their returns early will have the opportunity to receive their refund sooner.

What are the mandatory documents in the 2024 Income Tax declaration?

The Income Tax declaration is a way for the Federal Revenue Service to verify the accuracy of Brazilians’ financial information.

Therefore, it is crucial that all numbers related to income and expenses are documented. Among the mandatory documents are:

CPF of the holder and dependents;Income report, including salaries, contributions to the INSS and income taxable exclusively at source (such as the 13th salary);Exempt income, such as vacation sales, and contributions to private pension plans;Bank statements and from brokers; INSS payment statement for retirees and pensioners; Proof of rent payment; Receipts from doctors and dentists; Receipts from schools and others related to education; Proof of purchase and sale of goods.

Furthermore, it is important to remember that the more receipts you have, the greater your refund could be, as deductible expenses can reduce the amount of tax payable or increase the amount of the refund.

Who needs to file a 2024 Income Tax declaration?

In short, filling out the 2024 Income Tax declaration is online, through the channels provided by the Federal Revenue Service.

This year’s submission period will be from March 15th to May 31st, and it is important to check if you meet the mandatory criteria.

Namely, you will need to submit the declaration if:

Received taxable income above R$ 28,559.70 in 2023, or approximately R$ 2,380 per month, including salaries, pensions, pensions and rent; Received exempt, non-taxable or taxed income exclusively at source above R$ 40 thousand , which includes FGTS, unemployment insurance, scholarships, labor compensation, donations, inheritances and PLR; Realized capital gains by selling goods or rights subject to payment of IR; Carried out operations on the stock exchange and sold more than R$40 thousand or had capital gains above the exemption limit; Owns assets, such as vehicles and properties, or rights with a value exceeding R$ 300 thousand on December 31, 2023; Obtained income from rural activity above R$ 142,798.50; Is a foreign citizen who moved to Brazil in any month of the year 2023 and remained in that condition until December 31st of the same year.

Therefore, it is essential to be aware of the rules and have all the necessary documents on hand to ensure an accurate and smooth 2024 Income Tax declaration.

Finally, remember that complying with your tax obligations is essential to maintain regularity with the Federal Revenue.

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