If I am heavily in debt can my bank accounts be blocked? Understand!

See the most important details about the possibility of bank accounts being blocked due to the holders’ debts! What does the law say?

Getting into debt can bring a whirlwind of worries, significantly altering anyone’s financial life.

In the current context, where default has become a reality for many Brazilians, a crucial question arises: can excess debt lead to bank accounts being blocked? Keep reading to understand the possible consequences of debt!

Can bank accounts be blocked if the holder has a lot of debt in their name? Credit: plasticaxe.

Brazilians are very in debt

In Brazil, financial default is a reality that affects a considerable portion of the population.

With the economy facing ups and downs, many Brazilians find themselves in a debt situation, which creates a series of complications.

One of the biggest concerns is the possibility of having bank accounts blocked due to accumulated debts.

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Can bank accounts be blocked due to debt?

Yes, it is possible for a debtor’s bank accounts to be blocked due to debt. This procedure is often the first step adopted by the judiciary in cases of default.

However, this method is not always effective, as the debtor may not have enough balance in their accounts to cover the debt.

Seizure of assets can also happen

In situations where blocking accounts does not solve the problem, the next step may be to seize assets, which can be both movable and immovable.

Banks and other financial institutions have the authority, in some cases, to take properties still under financing, without the need for a court decision. This authorization comes from the Federal Supreme Court (STF).

Seizure of passport and driver’s license due to debts

In addition to the seizure of assets, there are atypical measures adopted in cases where the debtor does not have assets subject to seizure.

One of these measures is the seizure of the passport and National Driving License (CNH), applied when other typical strategies for recovering values ​​prove to be ineffective. In this case, to resume the document, the bearer must pay all debts.

Bank accounts blocked and name dirty due to debts

Finally, along with the blocking of accounts and the seizure of assets, the debtor also faces the risk of having his name blacklisted and having an irregular CPF.

This can lead to even more serious problems, such as difficulties in obtaining loans, increasing credit card limits and even making purchases in installments.

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The importance of financial organization

The possibility of having bank accounts blocked due to debt highlights the importance of good financial organization.

Keeping payments up to date and planning financially are essential steps to avoid default and its consequences.

In times of economic instability, being aware of your financial health is more important than ever. To regularize your situation, you can access the official Serasa website: www.serasa.com.br.

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