How to vote on the 2nd wall of BBB 24: 100% online!

Reality show couldn’t be hotter! We show you everything you need to know to vote in the second wall of BBB 24; Check step by step.

Big Brother Brasil 24 is heating up, and with the second wall formed, viewers are eager to exercise their voting power. However, in the current edition of the reality show, Globo decided to adopt a very different dynamic for voting.

Beforehand, we can say that BBB viewers can vote in two different ways. In this article, we will detail the voting process, which is entirely online, so that you can actively participate in the fate of the participants in the reality show. Read with attention!

How to vote on the 2nd wall of BBB 24: 100% online! Credit: Rede Globo/Reproduction

Who is on the 2nd wall of BBB 24?

The second wall of BBB 24 was formed last Friday (January 12), with the nomination of Davi, Juninho and Thalyta.

Voting, open on the Gshow portal, allows the public to choose who they want to keep in the house. In other words: the public does not vote to eliminate, but rather to save the participants.

From this same point of view, it is interesting to note that, just like in the first wall, there are two types of voting: the single vote, linked to the viewer’s CPF, and the fan vote, which has no limitations.

New dynamics for votes in Paredão

BBB 24’s new voting dynamics introduces an innovative system. In addition to the traditional single vote, which is linked to the viewer’s CPF, there is also a fan vote.

The latter has no limitation, allowing participants’ fans to vote multiple times. The result of the wall will be defined by the weighted average of the two votes.

Who will appear on the 2nd wall of BBB 24?

For those who are curious about the current voting trend, you can check the UOL poll. At the time of writing this article, the data indicated a balanced wall, with Davi, Thalyta and Juninho competing for public preference.

It is worth remembering that the objective of the votes is to keep the participant in the house, and the UOL poll serves as a thermometer for the public’s trends.

How to vote in the 2nd wall of BBB 24? Step by step

To vote on the second wall of BBB 24, there is no secret: just follow, very carefully, the step by step that we will show below:

Access the BBB page on Gshow (the wall banner (in the central part of the screen);Choose between the single vote by CPF or the fans’ vote;Click on the photo of the participant you want to keep in the house;Don’t forget to confirm the captcha to register the vote;Ready! With this, your vote will be registered by GShow.

When will the result come out?

The result of the second BBB 24 wall will be revealed in the edition of the program that will air next Sunday, January 14th, after Fantástico. This edition promises to be exciting, with the fates of Davi, Juninho and Thalyta in the hands of the public.

Participating in BBB 24 is now easier and more interactive than ever. With fully online voting and new voting methods, viewers have even more power to influence the direction of the program.

Don’t miss the chance to vote and follow the exciting developments of the second wall of BBB 24! Finally, watch the video below to understand what the stars have in store for the reality participants:

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