How much can I receive per month from INSS in 2024? Clear your doubts

Find out the new INSS ceiling for 2024 and the changes to retirement rules. Understand how to guarantee a secure retirement!

Have you ever wondered how much you can receive from the National Social Security Institute (INSS) in 2024? With annual changes and adjustments, it is essential to be up to date on the social security benefits available.

In this article, we will address the new INSS ceiling, adjustments for retirees in 2023, and changes to retirement rules for 2024. We will answer your questions and provide important information on how to ensure a secure retirement.

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What is the new INSS ceiling in 2024?

The beginning of 2024 brought with it an adjustment in INSS benefits. The adjustment of 3.71% was the lowest in the last five years and was based on the National Consumer Price Index (INPC), reflecting the decrease in inflation over the previous year.

While beneficiaries who receive the minimum wage will notice a real gain, thanks to the government’s minimum wage appreciation policy, many wonder what the new INSS ceiling will be.

Since January 1st, the minimum wage has risen to R$1,412, representing an increase of 6.97% compared to 2023, when it was R$1,320.

Currently, the maximum value for retirement and pensions is R$7,507.49, but with the adjustment of 3.71%, the new ceiling is expected to reach around R$7,786. This change directly impacts those who receive higher INSS benefits.

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Adjustment for retirees

For beneficiaries who started receiving retirement, pension or aid in 2023 and earn above the minimum wage, the adjustments will be proportional.

The application of the adjustment varies according to the month in which the benefit began to be received, as these beneficiaries were not affected by inflation in 2023.

In summary, the forecast is that the adjustments will begin to be applied in January and will be reflected in payments for the first five working days of February, providing a proportional increase for INSS beneficiaries.

Changes to INSS retirement rules in 2024

With the arrival of 2024, the rules for retirement are undergoing changes. The Social Security Reform, approved four years ago, introduced transition rules that become more restrictive each year.

Therefore, it is crucial for workers to be up to date on their contribution time, age, gender and other factors to understand the various retirement options available.

These changes aim to reflect economic conditions and ensure that the value of INSS benefits closely follows the cost of living, guaranteeing a safer and fairer retirement for all Brazilians.

Professions that are entitled to special INSS retirement in 2024

Furthermore, it is important to highlight that some professions are entitled to special retirement due to constant exposure to agents harmful to health. These professions include:

PharmacistsDentistsDoctorsLaboratory Technicians and SpecialistsUnarmed Security GuardsPolice OfficersEngineersElectriciansAttendantsAeronautsMechanicsPublic Servants

However, it is necessary to evaluate each case individually, and it is necessary to present proof of exposure to harmful agents, in addition to meeting requirements such as contribution time and minimum age.

Rights of the self-employed

Unfortunately, for self-employed professionals, obtaining special retirement often requires legal action to assert their rights.

In this sense, it is essential that these professionals are aware of their rights and are willing to fight for them.

Finally, the pension scenario in 2024 brings several changes and challenges. It is essential to stay informed about INSS updates and seek appropriate guidance to ensure a peaceful and secure retirement.

Therefore, stay tuned for news and take the necessary measures to ensure the best financial future possible.

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