Hidden iPhone Features You Need to Learn How to Use

If you are an Apple customer, keep an eye on the guide we will show you below! Discover the main features that are hidden on your iPhone!

Imagine a world where your iPhone isn’t just a phone, but a personal assistant capable of simplifying your life in ways you couldn’t even imagine.

In 2024, Apple took a giant leap forward, introducing innovative features to the iPhone that promise to change the way we interact with technology.

These features, built directly into the iOS system, are true hidden treasures, waiting to be discovered and used in your daily routine. See below!

Hidden iPhone features you need to learn how to use. Credit: Reproduction

iPhone: More than a status symbol

The iPhone has always been more than just a smartphone; It is a symbol of innovation and style. But beyond its elegant design and intuitive interface, there’s a powerhouse of features waiting to be explored.

These features not only elevate the iPhone to a new level of usefulness, but also reinforce Apple’s reputation as a technology pioneer.

Hidden iPhone Features: Mute Strangers

Have you ever been irritated by unwanted calls from unknown numbers? The 2024 iPhone brings the perfect solution with the "Silence Strangers" feature.

The feature allows only calls from identified numbers to ring, automatically sending unknown calls to voicemail. It’s an end to the nuisance of telemarketing and unsolicited calling!

Hidden Items on iPhone

In a world where privacy is increasingly valued, iPhone offers the option to hide photos and videos in the ‘Hidden Items’ album. With this feature, you keep your private photos away from prying eyes.

Starting with iOS 16, this album is locked by default, ensuring only you have access to your personal content.

Share Wi-Fi password

Sharing your Wi-Fi password has never been easier. The new iPhone function allows you to share your Wi-Fi password simply and quickly using AirDrop.

Now, connecting your friends and family to your network is a hassle-free and completely secure process.

Hidden features on iPhone: Full page

iPhone now lets you capture extended screenshots of entire pages in Safari. This functionality is ideal for when you need to save an entire web page.

With just a few taps, you can select exactly what you want to capture, making the screenshot experience more comprehensive and useful.

AirDrop: Quality in sharing

For photography lovers, the option to transfer photos via AirDrop without loss of quality is a real gift. Share your special moments with friends and family while maintaining high-resolution images, ensuring that every detail captured is preserved in the transfer.

These hidden features on the iPhone in 2024 are examples of Apple’s constant innovation, making users’ lives more practical, secure and connected.

By exploring these features, you discover a new world of possibilities at your fingertips. Make the most of your iPhone and transform your daily technology experience! 📱✨

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