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The government is releasing free school supplies for certain families. See if you are among the beneficiaries and how to access it!

Have you heard about the Free School Supplies Kit in 2024? If you are a student or have children attending school, this news is especially relevant to you. The year 2024 brought good news for those seeking relief from school expenses.

In this article, we will explore everything you need to know about the Free School Supplies Kit and how to check if your CPF is on the list of beneficiaries. Get ready to save and provide a better start to the school year for you and your family!

Do you need financial help to purchase school supplies for your children? See how to receive! / Photo: publicity.

Free School Supplies 2024: find out how to secure yours!

In a country where spending on education can be heavy for many families, the Free School Material Kit, offered by the city of São Paulo, is a welcome relief. This initiative aims to help low-income students and their families secure the necessary materials for a successful year of studies.

What is included in the Kit?

The Free School Supplies Kit 2024 is made up of essential items that students need for their school activities. This includes notebooks, pencils, pens, erasers, ruler and more. What’s new this year, however, is the inclusion of backpacks to further assist children, young people and adults.

How to check if your CPF is on the list?

To find out if you are entitled to the Free School Material Kit in 2024, it is essential to check if your CPF is on the list of beneficiaries. Follow the step by step:

Access the official website of São Paulo City Hall (which is responsible for distributing the kits. There, you can access the app to register; Enter your CPF number and follow the instructions provided; Wait for the system to verify your eligibility.

It is worth noting that the family must keep an eye on the dates for the transfer of amounts by the Municipal Department of Education so as not to lose access to the money.

School Material Kit transfer table

Furthermore, each literacy level has a different cost for purchasing materials. Check it out below:

Early Childhood Education – Nursery I and II – value of R$132.04; Early Childhood Education – Mini-Group I and II – value of R$206.16; Elementary School – Literacy Cycle – value of R$ 333.83; Elementary School – Interdisciplinary Cycle – value of R$ 393.39; Elementary School – Authorial Cycle – value of R$ 378.80; High School – value of R$ 354.56; EJA and Youth and Adult Education – value of R$ 331.04; CELPs (Language Study Centers) – value of R$ 154.73.

How to collect your Kit?

Once you have verified that your CPF is on the list of beneficiaries, it is time to find out how and where to collect your Free School Material Kit. Generally, collection is made in previously determined locations, such as schools, community centers or public agencies.

It is important to pay attention to distribution dates and times, so that you do not miss the opportunity to secure your free school supplies. It is worth noting that the entire process can be followed through the initiative’s official app, so activate notifications.

The Importance of the Free School Supplies Kit

The Free School Material Kit plays a fundamental role in access to quality education. It helps level the playing field for all students, regardless of their financial situation. Furthermore, it provides an incentive for students to stay in school and dedicate themselves to their studies.

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