Have you ever seen the Ferrari with a ladder? But after all, carrying a ladder on the roof of a car gives you a fine?

Can carrying a ladder on the roof of your car result in fines? Understand the new Contran rules and learn how to avoid penalties. Essential information for professionals who use ladders in their vehicles.

Recently, a curious video went viral, showing an unusual situation: a luxurious Ferrari adapted with a ladder on the roof.

This unexpected fact raises an important question: is it allowed to carry ladders on the roof of a car? After all, many professionals, such as electricians, need to carry ladders daily.

Understand the implications of Contran Resolution No. 955 for transporting ladders in a vehicle. (Photo: Disclosure).

Is it allowed to carry ladders on the roof of the car?

The answer to this question is in the new resolution of the National Traffic Council (Contran).

In 2022, Contran Resolution No. 955 came into force, changing the rules for transporting ladders and other items on vehicle roofs.

In short, this change stipulates that the support for transporting the ladder must comply with the installation conditions, specifications and restrictions established by the vehicle manufacturer.

Practical implications of regulation

Weight and Installation: The maximum permitted weight and installation conditions must be respected as specified by the vehicle manufacturer.Model Restrictions: Some car models, such as the Fiat Mobi Like, have specific restrictions regarding the installation of roof racks.Vehicles Adapted: Models such as the Fiat Mobi Trekking, already equipped with longitudinal bars, allow the installation of supports, as long as they respect the maximum capacity of 50kg. Allowed Dimensions: The dimensions of the transported load must not exceed 50 cm above the ceiling and cannot exceed the limits of the front and rear bumpers.

Consequences of not complying with the resolution

Failure to comply with these rules can result in severe fines, loss of points on your driver’s license and even vehicle retention.

Therefore, it is vital that vehicle owners consult the owner’s manual for specific recommendations.

Tips for professionals who transport ladders

Consult the Manual: Check the recommendations in your vehicle’s owner’s manual.Prioritize Suitable Vehicles: Prefer vehicles already equipped with factory roof racks or side bars.Be Aware of Dimensions: Ensure that the ladder does not exceed the established dimension limits.

The importance of correct information

In conclusion, with the new regulations, it is crucial that professionals who need to transport ladders are aware of the specific rules and restrictions.

By staying informed and following the guidelines, they avoid penalties and ensure traffic safety.

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