Government updates the RULES and facilitates the granting of FREE housing to Brazilians; know more!

Have you ever thought about getting free housing that is entirely yours? Find out how to take advantage of the new government concession to make your dream come true!

Obtaining your own home can be a dream that often seems unattainable. That is why the government decided to "pull strings" to change this perception. This way, groups of people who comply with the new rules will finally be able to own their own home without worrying about paying a single installment. See how it will happen!

Did you know that you can get housing for free, without paying anything? See how to get this benefit! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Free housing for Brazilians

In principle, the dream of owning a home is closer for many Brazilian families in 2024, thanks to updates to the Minha Casa Minha Vida program.

The federal government announced measures that will benefit around 750,000 families, offering free housing to those who were already committed to the program’s benefits.

This exemption is especially intended for beneficiaries of Bolsa Família or the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC), in addition to those with contracts subsidized by the FAR, FDS and PNHR funds.

Simplifying access to free housing

Firstly, for those who already have an active contract, the exemption will be applied automatically after an analysis of the system, simplifying the process for beneficiaries.

New participants can also take advantage of this opportunity when purchasing their home, thus ensuring easy access to owning their own home.

The program, with an expanded budget of R$13 billion, promises to focus on housing units for low-income families, giving priority to female heads of households and victims of domestic violence.

Who can access the benefit?

Overall, Minha Casa Minha Vida serves both urban and rural areas, with specific income ranges to determine eligibility.

In urban areas, range 1 covers families with income up to R$2,640.00 per month, while in rural areas, the range covers income up to R$31,680.00 per year.

Furthermore, social benefits such as Bolsa Família and BPC are not taken into account when calculating income, making the program even more accessible.

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How to register with CadÚnico?

It is worth remembering that, to access Bolsa Família and BPC, it is important to be properly registered with CadÚnico.

Now, to register for the Single Registry, which gives access to various government social programs, it is necessary to go to the nearest Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) or another location designated by the municipality.

You must bring personal documents from all family members, such as ID, CPF, proof of address and income.

The family responsible, preferably a woman, must be over 16 years old and present a voter registration card or CPF. Registration allows you to assess eligibility for programs such as Bolsa Família, Social Electricity Tariff, among others.

Dream of owning your own home

With these updates, Minha Casa Minha Vida presents itself as a viable solution for many families who dream of owning their own home, reducing financial and bureaucratic barriers and promoting significant housing inclusion in the country.

Can seniors have free IPTU?

Finally, seniors can obtain exemption from IPTU in many Brazilian municipalities, as a way of easing the tax burden on those with a fixed and limited income.

This exemption is generally offered to seniors who meet certain criteria, such as having a low income, owning only one property used as their own residence, and living in the property for which they seek the exemption.

To apply, you must present personal documents, proof of income and property ownership at the local city hall or body responsible for municipal tax administration.

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