Government project guarantees FREE housing for the elderly; find out how it works

Have you ever thought about being able to live for free, without worrying about money? Elderly people will soon be able to count on this benefit. Check out!

Owning your own home is an important milestone in anyone’s life. Recently, the Brazilian federal government took a significant step towards making this dream a reality for many seniors.

A new project promises to bring relief and security to thousands of elderly people across the country by offering free housing as part of a housing initiative. Know how!

elderly people can now celebrate, as a new project provides for the guarantee of free housing for this group. Check out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Elderly people can have free housing

Initially, the federal government launched a project that guarantees exemption from payment of financing installments of the Minha Casa Minha Vida program for the elderly.

This measure benefits those enrolled in the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) and who already have housing financing through the program.

In short, the initiative aims to alleviate the financial burden on the elderly, providing them with decent housing without the burden of debt.

How does the senior benefit work?

The benefit has been in effect since last year and covers not only BPC beneficiaries, but also those who receive Bolsa Família. For these groups, the remaining portions of the financing were paid by the government.

Seniors can check whether they have been covered by accessing their financing payment page. If they have benefited, they will be informed that the credit operation has been paid off.

How to register with BPC?

In short, the BPC for the elderly is aimed at people aged 65 or over who do not have the means to provide for their own maintenance, nor have it provided by their family.

To be eligible, per capita family income must be less than a quarter of the current minimum wage.

Then, to register, you must be registered in the Single Registry for Social Programs of the Federal Government (CadÚnico) and then make the BPC request at the INSS, which can be done via the "Meu INSS" website (or at an INSS agency , after scheduling.

What documentation is required?

After confirmation of payment, beneficiaries must be contacted by Caixa Econômica Federal.

In some cases, it will be necessary to go to a bank branch to complete the procedures, including receiving the certificate of completion of payment and ownership documents for the house.

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How does Minha Casa, Minha Vida work in 2024?

In 2024, the Minha Casa Minha Vida program continues to offer housing financing with easier conditions, aiming to reduce the housing deficit and allow low-income families to achieve their own home.

Basically, the program is divided into income ranges, with different subsidies and interest rates, adapting to the needs and financial capabilities of the beneficiaries.

Additionally, there are ongoing efforts to simplify the application process and make it more accessible, including digitizing services and expanding partnerships with financial entities.

Other free benefits for seniors

Furthermore, in addition to this initiative, the government also guarantees some other free benefits for the elderly. Are they:

Free public transport: many Brazilian cities offer free public transport for the elderly, allowing them greater mobility and independence.; IPTU exemption: some municipalities exempt elderly people from paying IPTU, especially those with lower incomes. This benefit helps to reduce the financial burden on the elderly; Discounts on medicines: programs such as "Farmácia Popular" offer discounts or even free medicines for the elderly, facilitating access to essential medical treatments and contributing to the maintenance of health.

Therefore, if you do not yet know all your rights, it is important to start researching how to achieve each of them.

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