Government announcement is assertive and surprises many

Countless Brazilians are truly shocked by the Union’s announcement about the 14th salary! Check if the extra payment has already been confirmed.

The issue of the 14th salary has been a topic of great interest and speculation among Brazilian workers. Recently, the Government made a definitive announcement on the subject, with a decision that caused surprise and generated wide discussion.

The assertive announcement, amid a sea of ​​fake news and expectations, highlights the importance of understanding the nuances and details of this topic. In the article below, we will show all the OFFICIAL information about the 14th salary and the implications of the recent government announcement.

Will the government pay the 14th salary in 2024? Credit: plasticaxe.

The 13th salary and its importance in the CLT

We could not start the article about the 14th salary without first talking about the context of the 13th salary and its significance.

Established by the Consolidation of Labor Laws (CLT), the 13th salary is a right for Brazilian workers, functioning as an extra salary paid at the end of the year.

This additional compensation serves as an important financial resource for many, especially during the festive year-end period.

The 13th salary is not only received by formal workers, but also by INSS retirees and pensioners.

Bill wants to create a 14th salary

The 14th salary emerged as a proposal in Bill 4367/2020, aiming to offer an additional annual bonus to workers.

This proposal was presented as a way to help employees during the Covid-19 pandemic, a period in which many workers received this extra salary.

Withdrawal was released during the pandemic

During the pandemic, there was an exceptional situation that allowed the granting of allowances such as the 14th salary for Brazilians.

However, with the resumption of normal activities and the budget being fully committed, it was not possible to maintain this concession in 2023.

Bill 4367/20 and the announcement of the 14th salary

In addition to the context related to the Covid-19 pandemic, bill 4367/20, presented by deputy Pompeo de Matto, aimed to guarantee the payment of additional remuneration to retirees and pensioners.

However, despite the designation of the project to be considered by a Special Committee in the Chamber of Deputies in 2022, the project returned to zero scale, and, according to Valor Econômico, it is unlikely that the allowance will be approved.

Government makes official announcement about the 14th salary

Recently, the Government of Acre, through an official note, clarified that the 14th salary would not be paid in 2024, nor did it happen in 2023.

The decision was made due to current budget circumstances and the need to maintain focus on the development and maintenance of teaching.

The Acre State Department of Education, Culture and Sports, for example, emphasized the importance of directing available resources to these essential areas.

And in the future? Will the amount be released?

The decision not to implement the 14th salary in 2023 directly impacts many workers who counted on this extra resource. The measure reflects the economic reality and the government’s priorities in a post-pandemic period.

Looking to the future, the question remains of how such initiatives can be made viable in a sustainable way and aligned with the needs of the population.

Challenges ahead in 2024

The Government of Acre’s announcement about the 14th salary is a reminder of the complexities and challenges faced by governments in managing resources, especially in times of post-pandemic recovery.

The decision, although disappointing to many, highlights the importance of a balanced and responsible approach to allocating public resources.

As the 14th salary will not be deposited in 2024, workers can use other alternatives to supplement their income. See the video below:

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