Globo addressed 3 very important issues for those who manage

Is the end of IPVA confirmed? Will drivers be able to pay the tax at a discount? Check out the very important topics that a Rede Globo newspaper has just announced for those who manage.

Driving a vehicle involves a range of responsibilities and expenses, and being well informed about the latest updates in these areas is essential.

Recently, Globo brought to light three crucial topics for Brazilian drivers. In the article below, we will reveal what was said, and show how the news can affect your life as a driver. Keep an eye!

Discount, end of IPVA payment and more: Globo addressed 3 very important issues for those who manage. Credit: Pronatec.

The importance of IPVA

Motor Vehicle Ownership Tax (IPVA) is a mandatory annual expense for all vehicle owners. The value of this tax varies depending on the type of vehicle and its market value.

Payment of IPVA is crucial, as failure to pay can lead to fines and other legal problems, both for the driver and the vehicle.

Very important topics for those who drive: Discount on IPVA

One of the topics covered by Globo was the deadline for paying IPVA for cars with license plate number 1 in São Paulo, which expired on January 11th.

Drivers who chose to pay the tax in a single installment received a 3% discount on the total amount, a significant incentive for paying in advance.

This discount is a great opportunity to save, especially considering the total maintenance expenses of a vehicle.

IPVA installment calendar in 2024

In addition to payment in cash, the Globo article also highlighted the possibility of paying IPVA in installments. This payment method offers drivers flexibility by spreading the expense over several months.

Expirations for other vehicles were also detailed, with dates varying according to the end of the vehicle’s license plate, as was also the case in previous years.

Very important topics for those who drive: Payment of IPVA on Pix

A big new thing mentioned was the possibility of paying IPVA through Pix, an instant and digital payment method that has gained popularity in Brazil.

This payment system offers convenience and speed, making life easier for drivers who need to fulfill their tax obligations efficiently.

Delay or non-payment of IPVA may result in fines and increased interest, based on the Selic rate. After 60 days of delay, the fine percentage is set at 20% of the tax amount. Therefore, it is essential to pay attention to due dates to avoid penalties.

It is worth remembering that another valuable information shared was about indicating the offender of fines in the CNH Digital application.

This functionality allows drivers to manage their fines more efficiently, ensuring penalties are assigned correctly.

Stay tuned for IPVA updates

Staying informed about issues such as IPVA, payment methods and possible discounts is crucial for any driver.

This information not only helps you save money, but also ensures you are meeting your legal obligations as a vehicle owner.

With these tips in mind, you can drive more calmly and safely, knowing that you are up to date with your tax responsibilities.

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