Gas voucher will be paid within 10 days; check the values ​​and how to withdraw

One of the most important benefits of the Union already has a date to be paid! Find out everything about the next gas voucher deposits, and see how to redeem the payment.

Hope warms the heart like the heat of a gas stove in the homes of thousands of Brazilian families. The government has just announced something new that brings relief and comfort: the payment of Vale-Gás is about to start!

With a value of R$100, the benefit is enough to help needy families, especially those with children under 6 years old, to face financial challenges.

In this article, we will show you how this aid will be distributed, who is entitled to it and how you can withdraw it.

Gas voucher will be paid within 10 days; check the values ​​and how to withdraw. Credit: plasticaxe.

What is Vale-Gás?

Vale-Gás is financial aid designed to alleviate the burden of cooking gas expenses for families in vulnerable situations.

At a time when the cost of living continues to put pressure on household budgets, this benefit serves as a crucial help, ensuring that the essentials for preparing meals are not missing on the tables of families most in need.

The Gas Valley thus becomes more than a simple monetary value, but a flame of hope and support in these people’s daily lives.

Vale-Gás release details

The release of Vale-Gás Capixaba, only for residents of Espírito Santo, is scheduled to begin on January 29th.

Benefiting families will be able to collect their benefit card at Banestes branches located in the municipalities where they live.

It is important to highlight the need to wait for the card delivery schedule before going to the branches to avoid crowds and confusion. The amount of R$100 will be made available every two months, providing continuous relief to the family budget.

Who is entitled to the benefit?

To be eligible for Vale-Gás Capixaba, it is necessary to meet specific criteria:

Be a beneficiary of Bolsa Família, resident in Espírito Santo. Be in a situation of extreme poverty, with a per capita income equal to or less than R$ 218. Have children up to 6 years of age in your family. Not be a beneficiary of the paid gas aid by the federal government.

These criteria ensure that aid reaches those who need it most, offering vital support in times of economic hardship.

How to withdraw the benefit?

To collect the Vale-Gás card, beneficiaries must present an official document with photo at the branch indicated in the calendar.

The delivery calendar is being prepared and will be made available on the website of the Secretariat of Labor, Assistance and Social Development (Setades). It is essential that beneficiaries consult the list and find out about the withdrawal details to avoid any setbacks.

Gas voucher calendar in 2024

Finally, it’s time to check the complete calendar for the next gas voucher payment in 2024! This is not only valid for residents of Espírito Santo, but also throughout Brazil.

The dates, as usual, are divided according to the last digit of the beneficiaries’ NIS, in the same style as Bolsa Família.

However, as payments are made bimonthly, the next deposits only take place in February. See below:

NIS of final 1 – 16 February;NIS of final 2 – 19 February;NIS of final 3 – 20 February;NIS of final 4 – 21 February;NIS of final 5 – 22 February;NIS of final 6 – February 23; End NIS 7 – February 26; End NIS 8 – February 27; End NIS 9 – February 28; End NIS 0 – February 29.

This benefit comes at a crucial time for many families in Espírito Santo, offering welcome and necessary relief.

Vale-Gás Capixaba is more than financial aid; It is a gesture of care and support that reinforces the government’s commitment to the well-being of its population. Find out more at

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