Gas voucher and installments of R$ 102.00: see how to receive

The next installment of the gas voucher will be paid soon. See who is entitled to receive the amounts and stay informed!

Vale-gás, an initiative that seeks to offer support to low-income families in purchasing cooking gas, announces the release of a new installment soon to those who are entitled.

This benefit, which aims to alleviate the costs of the 13 kg cylinder, is calculated based on the average price stipulated by the ANP (National Petroleum Agency) and is granted bimonthly. See more information!

The gas voucher calendar is now available for consultation. See when you receive it! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Who can receive the Gas Voucher?

Firstly, it is important to be from a family with a per capita family income of up to half a minimum wage or a total family income of up to three minimum wages.

Priority is given to families with lower incomes, a larger number of members and who are already covered by Bolsa Família, ensuring that support reaches those who need it most.

How can I receive the Gas Voucher?

Furthermore, to enroll in Vale-Gás, you must be registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) and meet certain income criteria. Vale-gás is a benefit aimed at low-income families to assist in the purchase of cooking gas.

Interested parties should check whether they are already registered with CadÚnico through official government channels.

After confirming registration and eligibility, the Vale-gás benefit will be automatically granted to those qualified and payment will be made through the Caixa Tem application.

How to sign up for CadÚnico

Now, to register for the Single Registry (CadÚnico), you need to go to the Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) closest to your residence.

It is important to bring personal documents from all family members, such as ID, CPF, birth or marriage certificate, and proof of income and residence.

CadÚnico is the gateway to several social programs, so it is crucial to keep the data up to date.

After registration, the registration will be analyzed and, once approved, the citizen will be able to benefit from programs such as Vale-gás and other aid aimed at low-income families.

When is the gas voucher paid?

Payment for Vale-Gás will be made through the Caixa Tem application, through which many Brazilians already receive various social benefits.

The payment schedule follows the order of the last digit of the Social Identification Number (NIS), check:

February 16: transfers to NIS 1; February 19: transfers to NIS 2; February 20: transfers to NIS 3; February 21: transfers to NIS 4; February 22: transfers to NIS 5; February 23: transfers to NIS 6; February 26: transfers to NIS 7; February 27: transfers to NIS 8; February 28: transfers to NIS 9; February 29: transfers to NIS 0.

Chance of debt renegotiation

In addition to Vale-gás, Banco do Brasil is offering the opportunity to renegotiate debts with easier conditions, including discounts of up to 96% of the total debt and installments in up to 120 installments.

This initiative is an open door for those who wish to regularize their financial situation and start the year with fewer worries.

How to access the initiative?

For those who want to take advantage of the chance to settle their outstanding debts or check their eligibility for the Vale-gás, Banco do Brasil offers several platforms such as the website (internet banking, the telephone call center (4004 0001) and even WhatsApp ( same number with area code 61).

It is a valuable opportunity for low-income families to face economic challenges with more support and security.

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