Gas aid STARTED to be paid; see how to withdraw

If you receive gas aid payments, stay tuned to find out when the amounts will be delivered so you can plan ahead!

We start a new year with important news for Brazilian families in vulnerable situations. From now on, a new round of the Bolsa Família program will be made available, starting this Thursday, January 18th. The minimum amount of R$600 will be released, in addition to a series of additional benefits, including the notable gas aid.

This recently reformulated program promises to further help families in need.

Have you ever heard of gas aid? Find out everything about the benefit and see how to receive payment! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Find out how to withdraw Bolsa Família and gas aid from Caixa Tem in January

The gas aid, an integral part of Bolsa Família, was reformulated to better serve families. Now, it will cover 50% of the cost of a 13 kg gas cylinder for families included in the program. It is important to highlight that, despite the reformulation, the frequency of aid release remains the same, occurring every two months. Therefore, there will be no release of gas aid in January, with the next one scheduled for February.

How to access your benefits

The federal government released the Bolsa Família payment schedule for January. Benefiting families can now expect the deposit into their Caixa Tem accounts (Android: or iOS: starting this Thursday. The Caixa Tem app allows not only checking the balance, but also making payments, transfers, and other financial operations. It is a practical and safe way to manage the benefits received.

How to access gas aid payment

To receive gas aid, a federal government program designed to help low-income families purchase cooking gas (LPG) cylinders, it is necessary to follow certain steps and meet certain criteria. Let’s detail how you can qualify and receive this benefit:

Eligibility Criteria

Be registered in the Single Registry (CadÚnico) for Social Programs of the Federal Government; Have a per capita monthly family income (per person) of up to half the national minimum wage; Families with members who receive the Continuous Payment Benefit (BPC) are also eligible.

Update of the Single Registry

Keep your registration with CadÚnico always up to date. The information must be renewed at least every two years or whenever there is a significant change in the family situation, such as address, income, family composition, etc.

Automatic selection

The selection of gas aid beneficiaries is made automatically by the government, based on information from CadÚnico; The most vulnerable families with the lowest income have priority.

Checking eligibility

You can check whether your family has been selected to receive gas aid by consulting official government channels, such as the Caixa Tem app, the Caixa Econômica Federal website, or by calling 111.

Receiving the benefit

The aid is deposited bimonthly, that is, every two months; The amount corresponds to 50% of the national average price of a 13 kg gas cylinder.

Use of aid

The amount can be used to purchase cooking gas cylinders at any establishment that sells them; The benefit is paid in cash, therefore, there is no restriction on the location for purchase.

Remembering that gas aid is a specific program and should not be confused with other aid or social programs. If you meet the criteria and are not yet registered with CadÚnico, look for the nearest Social Assistance Reference Center (CRAS) to register.

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