Gas aid has been confirmed and Brazilians are already starting to celebrate; find out if you will receive

When will the gas aid return? Government confirms payment of benefits to policyholders, check the most relevant details.

Excellent news for millions of Brazilians: Gas Aid is back! In 2024, many families will begin to receive this important benefit again, bringing relief and joy in times of economic difficulty.

Let’s detail how you can qualify to receive Gas Aid, a program that stands out for its ability to offer vital support for the household budget; see below!

Gas aid has been confirmed and Brazilians are already starting to celebrate; find out if you will receive it. Credit: plasticaxe.

Crucial change in the value of gas aid

Originally, Gas Aid covered 50% of the value of the gas cylinder. However, thanks to the efforts of the Lula government, the program was expanded to cover 100% of the value of the cylinder.

This change represents significant relief for low-income families, who often struggle to afford the full cost of cooking gas.

Return of gas aid is confirmed in February

As published by the FDR portal, the Gas Aid was confirmed for 2024, with the first payment scheduled for February. Families that were already registered in the program and those newly selected, based on the Single Registry, will benefit.

Therefore, the question arises: who will be able to receive the new payments? Deposits will only be made for two groups:

The 5.4 million families already registered in the program. New families selected based on the Single Registry, depending on budget availability.

What is the value of the gas aid?

The value of Gas Aid will be equivalent to 100% of the national average price of a 13 kg cylinder, specifically for home use.

The National Petroleum Agency (ANP) carries out a price survey to determine this average, and therefore the value of the February deposit has not yet been released.

Payment of Gas Aid takes place bimonthly, with the next deposit scheduled for February.

Gas Aid Calendar – February 2024

The Gas Aid payment schedule follows the same order as Bolsa Família, with amounts deposited in Caixa Tem, based on the end of the Social Identification Number (NIS). Here are the expected dates for the next payment:

NIS final 1: February 16 NIS final 2: February 19 NIS final 3: February 20 NIS final 4: 21 February NIS final 5: 22 February NIS final 6: 23 February NIS final 7: 26 February NIS final 8: 27 February NIS final 9: February 28NIS end 0: February 29

How to check the return of gas aid?

To check whether you have been selected for Auxílio-gas or confirm your registration in the program, follow these steps:

Access the Bolsa Família app and enter your CPF number to release confirmation. Access the Caixa Tem app under the Gas aid and consultation option. Call Caixa on 111 or Dial Social on 121.

Don’t miss the opportunity to cash out!

Gas Aid is more than a simple financial benefit; It’s essential relief for families struggling to keep their homes afloat amid economic challenges. This program not only helps ensure food security, but also supports the dignity and stability of beneficiary families.

The return of Gas Aid is news that brings hope and celebration to many Brazilians. This program is a vital example of how government support can make a significant difference to people’s everyday lives, especially in times of economic uncertainty.

If you meet the criteria, make sure you take advantage of this opportunity and ease the pressure on your household budget with Gas Aid. Find out more at

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