FREE Netflix? Partnership will allow free access to the platform, find out how to get it

With streaming prices rising, free Netflix is ​​a lot of people’s dreams! See if it is possible to get free access on the platform in 2024.

Netflix, the streaming giant that revolutionized entertainment in Brazil, is about to become even more accessible to a significant number of Brazilians.

In a surprising and welcome update, the platform announces an unprecedented partnership that will allow free access to its vast catalog. The collaboration has everything to shake up the streaming universe and bring great news to Brazilians!

Is it true that Brazilians can get free Netflix? Credit: plasticaxe.

Netflix has emerged as one of the most popular streaming services in Brazil, offering a wide variety of content, ranging from acclaimed original series to films, documentaries and children’s programs.

Its user-friendly interface, the ability to watch content on multiple platforms and the constant updating of its catalog are some of the reasons that contribute to its popularity.

With millions of subscribers in the country, Netflix has become synonymous with quality and diverse entertainment. Now, with a new partnership, the platform has everything to become even more accessible.

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Partnership gives free Netflix to Brazilians!

Claro TV+ and Netflix announced a partnership that will allow pay TV users to access Netflix content at no additional cost. This strategic alliance is a shrewd move in the competitive streaming and cable television market.

New subscribers and current Claro TV+ customers will have access to Netflix streaming from the Box Claro TV+ plan. Although the Box Claro TV+ plan has a monthly cost of R$109.90, using Netflix will not incur extra costs.

Content and channels included in free Netflix

Subscribers will be able to enjoy more than 95 thousand works from the Netflix catalog, in addition to more than 120 TV channels from Claro TV+ and Globoplay included. Netflix on Claro TV+ will be available on almost all plans, with the exception of the basic plan, which costs R$69.90.

Customers who already have a subscription to both Netflix and Box Claro TV+ will need to activate the promotion to stop additional charges for the streaming service on their credit card.

How much does Box Claro TV+ cost?

The Box Claro TV+ plan has different price ranges, depending on the streaming plan chosen:

R$ 109.90 with the most basic Netflix plan, which includes ads. R$ 130.90 for standard streaming. R$ 146.90 for Premium streaming.

Impact on subscription packages

With the integration of Netflix, Claro readjusted the monthly price of its packages from BOX TV+. This decision reflects a commitment to offering quality content, although it comes at an additional cost to consumers.

Previously, Claro’s TV plans already included a Globoplay subscription without a price increase, a strategy that proved successful. According to specialized sources, Claro gained around 1 million internet TV subscribers with Claro TV+ Box and Claro TV+ App last year.

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Take the chance to guarantee free Netflix!

The partnership between Claro TV+ and Netflix represents a significant milestone in the streaming and pay TV market in Brazil.

Offering free access to the country’s most popular streaming platform, this collaboration increases the value perceived by Claro’s customers, and also reinforces Netflix’s position as the undisputed leader in the digital entertainment sector. Find out more at

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