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A new audience will be able to access the free driver’s license renewal process. If you are part of this class, keep an eye out to take advantage!

Renewing your National Driving License (CNH) is a mandatory procedure for all drivers, but did you know that some Brazilians may be entitled to free renewal in some states?

This measure aims to make life easier for this group, ensuring that they continue to exercise their right to drive without additional concerns about costs. See how to access this benefit!

Did you know that a new group of Brazilians will not need to pay to renew their driver’s license? See which one and enjoy! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

When is it necessary to renew the driver’s license?

In principle, drivers must renew their driver’s license before its expiration date, which varies according to the driver’s age group.

Until the age of 49, renewal must occur every 10 years. Between 50 and 69 years old, renewal is required every 5 years.

For drivers aged 70 or over, the driver’s license must be renewed every 3 years. It is crucial to pay attention to these deadlines to avoid penalties for driving with an expired license.

How does the renewal process work?

In summary, the driver’s license renewal process generally involves medical examinations to assess the driver’s physical and mental fitness.

The first step is to schedule a visit to Detran or an accredited clinic for these exams.

After passing the exams, the driver must pay renewal fees and, in some cases, take a refresher course.

After completing these steps, the new document is issued with a new expiration date.

Exemption from driver’s license renewal

Furthermore, Bill No. 4036/2020, still in progress, proposes the exemption of driver’s license renewal fees for seniors over 65 years of age across the country.

Currently, the granting of this benefit depends on the legislation of each state. In many cases, the exemption is granted to elderly people living in conditions of social vulnerability, with a family income of up to two minimum wages per person and registered in the Single Registry.

Win for seniors!

For the elderly, the possibility of free renewal of their driver’s license represents an important recognition of their rights and needs.

Therefore, keep an eye on your state’s legislation and be sure to take advantage of this opportunity if it is available to you.

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CNH Social for those who cannot afford to pay

In addition to the exemption for the elderly, the CNH Social program offers free obtaining of a driver’s license for low-income people, covering all related fees, from registration to exams.

In short, the program has limited places and is coordinated by the Detran of each state, making it an excellent opportunity for those looking for more autonomy and better job opportunities.

Elderly people can have free IPVA

In addition to the free license renewal, seniors can also count on another benefit: exemption from IPVA, which varies for each state.

Basically, this is not a policy applied uniformly throughout Brazil, as it depends on the legislation of each state.

Some states, for example, may offer an exemption or reduction in IPVA for seniors, especially for those who fall into low-income categories or who own vehicles that are more than a certain number of years old.

Therefore, it is important that seniors check the specific rules in their states of residence to understand their rights in relation to this exemption.

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