Free driver's license for this list of CPFs; leaked!

Did you know that some people can get their driver’s license without paying anything? See if you are on the list of those who can enjoy the benefit!

Have you ever imagined being able to get your driver’s license for free? Well, this has become a reality in some states! Recently, Jornal da Globo reported the release of free driving licenses for the population, something that deserves our attention. Shall we understand this better?

Need to get your driver’s license, but don’t have the money at the moment? See how to receive the document for free! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Get to know the CNH Social

Initially, the CNH Social Program was created to help low-income people obtain their first National Driving License for free.

The government of Mato Grosso, in partnership with Detran, announced the availability of 10 thousand cards, with a total investment of R$18 million.

To be eligible, you must be over 18 years old, be registered in the Federal Government’s Single Registry, know how to read and write, and live in the state for more than a year.

Other states also offer the program

Several Brazilian states offer free licenses through social programs. Some of these states include, for example:

Espírito Santo, with the ‘CNH Social’ program; Pernambuco, with the ‘CNH Popular Program’; Maranhão, which also offers a free driver’s license to low-income citizens.

These programs are aimed at people who do not have the financial means to cover the costs of obtaining a license, including fees, exams and classes.

Initiatives vary between states, but generally aim to promote greater social inclusion and employment opportunities for the population. In other words, find out in your region to find out if it is possible.

How to get a driver’s license for free?

In summary, the program covers all registration fees, exams, tests and the cost of materials. However, be careful: it does not include the renewal of a driver’s license or the issuance of the definitive document.

Furthermore, anyone who already has an active National Register of Qualified Drivers (RENACH) cannot participate.

The selection of beneficiaries is made by the State Secretariat for Social Assistance (SETASC), based on specific criteria.

What is the process for obtaining a driver’s license?

In summary, the process for obtaining a driver’s license in Brazil begins with enrolling in a Driver Training Center (CFC).

After this, the candidate must undergo medical and psychotechnical examinations. Theoretical classes follow on traffic legislation, defensive driving, first aid, among others.

After passing the theoretical test, the practical driving classes begin. Finally, the candidate takes the practical driving test.

Finally, if approved, he receives the Driving Permit, valid for one year, before obtaining the definitive license.

Impacts of social benefit

This initiative goes beyond simply issuing a driver’s license. As Governor Mauro Mendes highlighted, the program aims to promote social development and attention to the population in vulnerable situations.

A license can represent a job opportunity and career advancement for many young people, opening doors to a better future.

How can I register for CNH Social?

Furthermore, to participate, simply go to the Detran website in your state or city and search for the options ‘CNH Social’, ‘CNH Popular’ or ‘CNH Free’.

Check if the registration period is open and fill in all the requested data. In Mato Grosso, for example, registration for the CNH Social is now open.

What is the difference between CNH and ACC?

Finally, the CNH and the ACC (Authorization to Drive Mopeds) are two distinct documents in Brazil.

Firstly, the CNH is aimed at drivers of cars, motorcycles, trucks, among others, and requires a more comprehensive training process.

On the other hand, ACC is specific for driving mopeds, two- or three-wheeled vehicles with up to 50cc.

The process for obtaining an ACC is simpler and faster than for a CNH, reflecting the lower complexity and risks involved in driving these smaller vehicles.

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