Free driver's license and new order for Brazilian drivers; check out the twists for 2024

Find out how to obtain a free driver’s license in 2024 and learn about the new mandatory drug test for Brazilian drivers. Stay up to date with the latest developments in the world of driving!

Have you heard about the free driver’s license and the new order for Brazilian drivers? In short, these news are bringing exciting twists and turns for Brazilian drivers in 2024.

Therefore, in the lines below we will explore the details of these surprising changes that promise to benefit many Brazilians.

Discover the exciting changes to obtaining a driver’s license in Brazil in 2024. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Understanding the free driver’s license for Brazilians

The National Driving License (CNH) is an essential document for all drivers in Brazil, as it certifies their ability to drive land motor vehicles. For many Brazilians, obtaining a driver’s license is a dream, and now, thanks to an innovative initiative by the Government of Pará, this dream is more accessible than ever.

Free driver’s license: the CNH Pai D’égua program

The free CNH program, affectionately nicknamed "CNH Pai D’égua" by the Government of Pará, is entering its second edition with a special focus on low-income people. The good news is that the opening of registrations is scheduled for January 29th and will be carried out online via the website

This program is offering a total of 60 thousand places for residents in the 144 municipalities of the state of Pará, making obtaining a free driver’s license a reality for many citizens who previously faced financial barriers. This initiative is an important step towards social inclusion and promoting mobility in Brazil.

Mandatory drug testing: the new order for professional drivers

In addition to the exciting news about the free driver’s license, a recent announcement directly impacted more than 5 million professional drivers. On November 23, 2023, it was reported that these drivers had not taken the toxicological test, which is mandatory for those who have a driver’s license in categories C, D and E.

The deadline for taking the exam was December 28th of the same year. The toxicological examination with a wide detection window is crucial, as it verifies the consumption, active or not, of psychoactive substances with a minimum retrospective analysis of 90 days. Drivers in categories C, D and E, who drive trucks or buses, for example, need to take this exam every 30 months.

This announcement highlights the importance of road safety, ensuring that professional drivers are fully capable of operating large vehicles.

Changes to driver’s license and free documentation

In 2024, changes related to the CNH are bringing hope and responsibility to Brazilian drivers. The free CNH program offers incredible opportunities for those who want to obtain their driver’s license, while the mandatory drug test aims to ensure safety on the country’s roads.

These U-turns reflect the commitment to making driving more accessible and safe for all Brazilians. We look forward to seeing how these changes will affect drivers' lives and mobility in Brazil in the coming years.

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