FREE digital antenna kit is now available to thousands of Brazilians; see how to request yours

Who is entitled to the Federal Government’s Free Digital Antenna Kit? Check the requirements and see how to schedule the installation.

For many Brazilian families, access to quality digital television is a challenge. However, the federal government now offers a solution: the free digital antenna kit for families registered in the Single Registry.

This program represents a significant step in promoting digital inclusion and ensuring that everyone can enjoy the benefits of new transmission technology. See below how you can order your kit without paying anything!

FREE digital antenna kit is now available to thousands of Brazilians; See how to request yours. Credit: Reproduction

Why is the Free Digital Antenna Kit essential?

The free digital antenna kit is crucial to ensuring that low-income families have access to digital broadcast technology.

By replacing old traditional satellite dishes with digital ones, beneficiary families will be able to enjoy superior image and sound quality, as well as a greater variety of channels.

This not only improves the entertainment experience, but also ensures access to essential information and educational content.

Who is entitled to the Free Digital Antenna Kit?

To qualify for the free digital antenna kit, it is essential to be registered in the federal government’s Single Registry.

This registry is the main means by which the government identifies and assists low-income families, allowing them access to various social programs, including this one.

How do I order the Free Digital Antenna Kit?

Single Registry beneficiaries must start the request process by contacting 0800 729 2404, which also accepts messages via WhatsApp.

During the call, you will be asked a few questions to confirm eligibility and begin the kit delivery process.

When requesting the digital antenna kit, it is necessary to provide documents from all family members, which include CPF, birth or marriage certificate, identity document, voter registration card, work card, proof of current residence and the CNIS (National Registry of Social Information).

The benefits of new technology

The replacement for the digital satellite dish allows for more efficient signal reception, ensuring better image and sound quality.

Furthermore, it provides a greater diversity of content for the whole family, including educational programs, news and entertainment.

Technological advancement is an important milestone in digital inclusion and offers an opportunity for families in situations of social vulnerability to have access to quality information and content.

Call city hall to guarantee your rights!

If you need assistance or more information about the antenna replacement process, the Single Registry department at your city hall is available to help. Employees provide guidance on available social programs and assist in the process of requesting a digital antenna kit.

The availability of the free digital antenna kit is a commendable initiative by the federal government, aiming to promote digital inclusion and ensure that all families have access to new technology.

If you are a beneficiary of the Cadastro Único, don’t miss the chance to improve your television experience and guarantee access to a wider range of content. Find out more on the initiative’s official website:

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