Food allowance with adjustment reaching R$1,000? Changes will be implemented from May

Brazilian workers may be excited about changes to food assistance, among other benefits. Check out what will change!

In 2024, Brazilian workers will experience significant changes, thanks to the policies implemented by President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva. One of the main changes was the substantial increase of more than 50% in food assistance, a decision that positively impacted millions of federal public servants.

In addition, two other essential benefits also received increases, demonstrating a clear commitment to the well-being and quality of life of workers. Let’s dive into the details of these transformations and understand how they represent a milestone for Brazilians in 2024.

This year, food assistance and other benefits are undergoing important changes. Check them all out! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Positive transformation: understand how the increase in food assistance and other benefits marked 2024 for Brazilian workers

The year 2024 stood out as a period of positive changes for Brazilian workers, especially for federal public servants. Increases in benefits, such as food assistance, daycare assistance and health plans, not only provided financial relief, but also reinforced the government’s commitment to the well-being and appreciation of its employees.

These measures, although not a direct salary increase, represent important steps towards ensuring more equitable and fair support for workers across Brazil. Check out what will change!

Food allowance

In principle, the food allowance is intended to cover part of employees’ food expenses during the month. This benefit is essential to ensure that workers have access to adequate and nutritious meals, essential to maintain their health and well-being.

In 2024, this benefit underwent a significant increase, going from R$658 to R$1,000, which represents an increase of 51.06%. This increase is particularly important in a context of inflation and rising costs of living.

Health insurance

Furthermore, health plans provide workers and their families with access to medical services, such as consultations, exams and hospital procedures. They are essential to ensure health care, preventing diseases and promoting a healthier life.

In short, the amount allocated to health plans was increased from R$144 to R$215. This increase is vital to ensure that employees have access to quality healthcare, especially in a period when medical costs are constantly rising.

Childcare assistance

Finally, daycare allowance is a benefit granted to help workers who have young children with the costs of daycare or childcare. This benefit is crucial to supporting working parents, allowing them to maintain their professional activities knowing that their children are in a safe and cared for environment.

In 2024, the value of the daycare allowance was adjusted from R$321 to R$484.90. This increase helps ease the financial burden on families, especially at a time when child care costs are rising.

Justification for the increases

Budgetary challenges: although a salary increase is not viable in 2024 due to budgetary difficulties, the government chose to increase benefits as a way of supporting workers; Commitment to employees: these changes demonstrate an effort by the government to recognize and value the work of public servants, despite financial limitations.

Budget challenges in 2024: understand the situation of salary adjustments for federal public servants

It is worth noting that federal public servants in Brazil faced a particular situation in 2024. Despite having received a 9% increase in September 2023, thanks to Law 14,673 of 2023 sanctioned by the presidency, they did not obtain a salary increase in 2024.

This decision was influenced by budgetary difficulties faced by the government. José Lopez Feijóo, secretary of the Ministry of Management and Innovation in Public Services, at a meeting of the National Permanent Negotiation Table (MNNP) held in December 2023, confirmed that budget restrictions would prevent progress on the salary increase agenda in the following year.

Thus, while there was no direct salary increase in 2024, the government chose to reinforce support for public servants by increasing various benefits, such as food assistance, health plans and daycare assistance, seeking to ensure greater pay equity and minimize salary disparities within the federal public service.

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