find out what the hole under the padlocks is for

All padlocks have a secret. We are talking, specifically, about the little holes that are right under objects. Find out what they are!

Have you ever wondered what that little hole that some padlocks have is for? There are those who understand, but there are also people who let the information go unnoticed.

This detail, which often may not bother those who are not curious, plays a very important role in the durability and effectiveness of your padlock. Let’s unravel this mystery together!

Have you ever stopped to think about why there are little holes under padlocks? Discover the answer! / Photo: publicity

After all, what is the hole under the padlocks for?

Initially, the small hole found at the bottom of many padlocks is not there by chance. It plays a crucial role in preventing internal oxidation of the locking mechanism.

In humid environments or when exposed to rain, water can infiltrate the inside of the padlock. In short, this hole allows accumulated water to drain, preventing the internal mechanism from rusting or freezing at very low temperatures.

Better maintenance and lubrication

In addition to being an outlet for water, this small hole serves as an access point for lubricating the padlock.

Applying a few drops of oil through this hole can keep the internal mechanism running smoothly, for example.

It’s a simple tip, but it can significantly extend the life of your padlock, ensuring that it maintains its functionality and security over time.

Protection from exposure in external environments

Furthermore, for padlocks used outdoors, such as on gates, bicycles or in industrial environments, this hole is a real savior.

It not only prevents oxidation, but also ensures that the padlock continues to operate effectively even in the harshest conditions.

It’s a small detail that makes a big difference in the strength and reliability of the padlock.

Now that you know the purpose of this small hole in locks, it’s easy to appreciate how seemingly insignificant details can have a huge impact on the functionality of everyday objects.

Therefore, whenever choosing a padlock, especially for outdoor use, consider this small feature as a great benefit to the durability and efficiency of your item.

Remember, taking good care of your padlock, using this hole for maintenance and lubrication, can make it a reliable companion for much longer. Safety starts with paying attention to the small details!

More resistant padlocks to have at home

In need of more resistant and reliable models? Know that the most resistant padlocks are essential to guarantee the security of goods and properties. Among the most robust types, the following stand out.

Tempered steel

Known for their durability, they resist cuts and break-ins due to their hardened steel. They are ideal for outdoor environments, resisting adverse weather conditions.

Closed shackle

With little exposed space on the shackle (U-shaped part), they make it difficult to use cutting tools. They are an excellent choice for protecting high-risk areas.

Padlocks with double lock technology

They have a mechanism that requires a double cut to open, significantly increasing security against break-ins.

Monoblock body

Made from a single piece of metal, they offer little to no leverage, making them extremely difficult to break.

Smart padlocks

Finally, they use biometric technology or digital codes, eliminating the vulnerability of traditional keys. Some models offer features such as alarms and notifications for access via smartphone.

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