Find out if your CPF is on the benefit list!

Recently, Banco do Brasil decided that some account holders will receive debt forgiveness. Check out why the bank will do this!

Imagine opening your email and discovering that your debts have been forgiven! Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? For millions of Brazilians, this became reality thanks to Banco do Brasil. Recently, an impactful initiative called "Desenrola Brasil" brought encouraging news: debts of several account holders were forgiven.

Let’s explore this surprising decision and understand how it affects the financial lives of those involved. Get ready to find out if you are one of the lucky ones on this exciting journey!

Are you a Banco do Brasil customer and have outstanding debts? So this is your chance to get rid of them! / Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Find out if Banco do Brasil forgave your debt: full list released

The "Desenrola Brasil" initiative resulted in debt forgiveness for around 6 million Brazilians. The interesting thing is that Banco do Brasil, when forgiving these debts, did not completely remove them from the records. What really happened was the removal of the CPF record of defaulters from credit protection agencies. The debt still exists, but it no longer affects the customer’s name.

Taxable benefits for financial institutions

By agreeing to forgive these debts, Banco do Brasil and other financial institutions received taxable benefits. This means they now pay less taxes, a relief for their budgets. This benefit, however, only applies to a specific group of debtors.

Who can receive the benefit?

Debt forgiveness focused mainly on customers with debts of up to R$100 until 2022. It is worth noting that, despite no longer affecting the customer’s name in credit protection bodies, these debts still need to be paid.

How to check if Banco do Brasil forgave your debt

To check whether your debt with Banco do Brasil has been forgiven, you can carry out an online consultation. Furthermore, customers can negotiate these debts until March this year, with possible discounts of up to 90% of the original amount.

Available consultation channels

Customers can make inquiries via BB’s WhatsApp (61) 4004-0001, through the bank’s call center, through the Desenrola Brasil website (or through the Serasa (and SPC) websites ( .br/).

Desenrola Brasil: your path to financial freedom

The "Desenrola Brasil" program works in a relatively simple way, with the aim of helping people who are facing financial difficulties, especially those who have small debts. Check it step by step:

Identification of debts: the program focuses on debts of small value, such as those that do not exceed R$ 100, accumulated up to a certain year; Removal of the name of credit protection bodies: one of the main actions of "Desenrola Brasil" is to remove the name of defaulters from credit protection agencies, such as Serasa and SPC. This means that, even if the person has a debt, their name will not be "dirty" in these systems; The debt still exists: it is important to understand that the debt does not completely cease to exist. What the program does is just remove the debtor’s name from the negative records. The debt itself continues to exist and needs payment; Negotiation and payment: debtors have the opportunity to negotiate and pay their debts under easy conditions, often with significant discounts. In some cases, the discount can reach up to 90% of the original value of the debt; Online consultation: people who wish to check whether their debts were included in the program can do so easily, through an online consultation on the websites indicated by the Bank do Brasil or on the websites of credit protection agencies.

In short, "Desenrola Brasil" is a program that helps people clear their names from credit protection agencies, without necessarily eliminating their debts, but facilitating negotiation and payment.

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