Find out if you should request a benefit review and see how to increase it

Requesting a review of INSS benefits is a good way to make your monthly payments increase. See who has this right!

Did you know that you may have the right to request a review of your benefit from the INSS? Benefits are often denied, suspended or granted at lower than expected values.

In these cases, it is possible and important to request a review to ensure that your rights are met fairly. Come discover more!

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After all, what is a benefit review?

In short, this is a procedure in which the insured person requests a detailed analysis of their benefit to correct possible errors, update information or reassess disabilities.

This way, if any incorrect or missing data is found, it is possible to include it in the retiree’s benefit to increase the payment amount, for example.

Discover four most common types of review

Overall, these reviews are important to ensure that policyholders receive the correct amount in accordance with their pension entitlements.

Review for calculation errors: this is one of the most common reviews. It occurs when there are errors in counting contribution time or in the average salary used to calculate the benefit. If the insured realizes that the amount received is less than expected, based on his contributions, he can request a review to correct these errors; Review by inclusion of periods not considered: in some cases, contribution periods or special activities (such as working in conditions that are harmful to health) are not properly included in the initial calculation of the benefit. The review aims to include these periods to recalculate the value of the benefit;Review of disability benefits: for benefits such as sick pay or disability retirement, the review may be necessary if there are changes in the insured’s health status. If the health condition worsens, the insured person can request a reevaluation to increase the benefit or to change from sickness benefit to disability retirement; Revision for better benefit: this review is applicable when the insured person is entitled to more than one type of benefit and opt for one that you later realize is not the most advantageous. It is possible to request a review to exchange for the benefit that offers a higher value, as long as the legal requirements for this are met.

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Each type of review has its specificities and requires appropriate documentation and procedures.

Who has the right to request a review?

In short, any INSS insured person who faces problems with their benefit, such as denial, suspension, or inadequate amounts, can request a review.

This also applies to anyone who has had automatic reviews and disagrees with the result. It is the insured’s right to fight for the correctness and adequacy of their benefit.

Most common reasons for the request

In principle, among the main reasons for requesting a review are calculation errors, the need to update information (such as salary or contribution time), reassessment of disability and changes in social security legislation.

Any of these factors can directly impact the value or continuity of your benefit.

How do I request an INSS review?

The process for requesting a review is relatively simple, but requires attention. First, gather all the necessary documents, such as medical reports and proof of contributions.

Then, schedule an appointment with the INSS, either in person or through the Meu INSS app (Android: or iOS: Enter the reason for the request and present the documents.

The deadline for analysis varies, but the INSS has up to 45 days to respond. Furthermore, during the process, the benefit continues to be paid and, if the request is approved, the retroactive amounts will be adjusted.

Guarantee your rights

Finally, requesting a benefit review is an essential right for any Brazilian insured. If you are experiencing problems with your benefit, do not hesitate to seek this review.

It may take some time, but it’s a crucial step in ensuring your benefit is fair and meets your needs.

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