find out if you have FORGOTTEN values ​​and redeem them

Find forgotten amounts in bank accounts, IR and salary bonuses with our practical guide. Learn how to get your money back and be surprised at what could be yours.

Have you ever imagined discovering a hidden treasure, something truly valuable, waiting for you? Well, this reality may be closer than you think, and we’re not talking about pirate stories, but about forgotten money that could be yours.

In the midst of their busy daily lives, many Brazilians lose track of values ​​that rightfully belong to them. Whether in old accounts, income tax refunds or unclaimed allowances, there is a universe of possibilities waiting to be explored.

In the lines below, we will delve into this world and discover how you can recover these forgotten values.

Your money may be waiting to be redeemed in inactive accounts, IR and more. (Credit: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia /

Amounts forgotten at the Bank? Time to rescue!

Imagine more than R$7.5 million forgotten, awaiting its owners. This is the reality in inactive accounts at banks and financial institutions.

If you think you may have something to receive, it’s worth checking on the Valors Receivable platform. You never know when a pleasant financial surprise might appear.

Where to retrieve forgotten values?

Brazil’s financial history has its ups and downs, and the Collor and Sarney plans left their mark on many savings. Now, there is a chance to recover these values.

It is estimated that 470 thousand Brazilians can request financial reparations. Depending on the case, the amounts can be considerable.

In this sense, the key to finding out if you are eligible is to contact Febrapo.

1. PIS/Pasep and Invoice

The Ministry of Labor revealed that more than 24 million workers are entitled to PIS/Pasep for the base year 2021. Did you work with a formal contract in 2020? Check your rights.

Additionally, invoice credits are also an often overlooked goldmine. In São Paulo, for example, the Nota Fiscal Paulista program can return up to 30% of ICMS. It’s worth checking out and rescuing these forgotten values.

2. Income Tax

Finally, many forget to check their Income Tax refund. If you have already sent your declaration, but have not verified the refund, now is the time. Visit the Federal Revenue website and see if there is any forgotten amount waiting to be added to your account.

3. Salary Allowance

In addition to PIS/Pasep, there is also a salary bonus, a benefit that many workers are entitled to, but end up not claiming. If you worked with a formal contract and received up to two minimum wages per month, you may have amounts to receive. Checking your possibilities can result in a good increase in the budget.

Stay tuned and rescue what’s yours!

In short, these are just some of the ways to discover forgotten values ​​that may belong to you. Pay attention, research and be sure to rescue what is rightfully yours.

In these times, every resource counts and can make a big difference in your financial life. So, don’t waste time and start your search for these hidden treasures right now.

Finally, remember that money could be just a few clicks away!

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